Snapchat Hits 6 Billion Daily Video Views

Snapchat is quick apropos a force to be reckoned with. The association has revealed that a array of Snapchat video views daily on a messaging app has now strike 6 billion.

Those Snapchat video views put them right behind Facebook, that recently crossed a 8 billion daily video views mark.

What’s maybe even some-more considerable than a numbers is a rate during that Snapchat is growing. The association was reporting 2 billion daily video views only 6 months ago. In September, a figure climbed adult to 4 billion, serve cementing Snapchat’s position in a video calm space.

More Features, More Users

In a past few months, Snapchat has introduced several new changes directed during creation video messaging calm some-more enchanting for a users.

Fast-forward and delayed suit video modifying options and facilities such as Lenses that concede users to supplement filters to photos and videos have been perceived well. The association has also focused extensively on compelling a Stories feature, that lets a array of snaps to hang around for 24 hours before disappearing.

As a numbers indicate, these stairs have paid good for a company.

What’s in it For Businesses?

Snapchat’s strange video calm expansion suggests an augmenting array of users are enchanting with a app. For businesses that have been focusing on Facebook and Twitter compartment now, this creates Snapchat value looking at.

And Snapchat understands this.

To attract some-more businesses, a association has extended a advertiser-friendliness by media partnerships and video ads. It is also building newsfeed-like facilities such as Discover to contest with Facebook. Discover is a portal for videos from news outlets such as CNN and ESPN.

There’s, however, a glitch.

According to reports, Snapchat charges advertisers for “zero-second video views.” In other words, marketers have to compensate each time an ad loads, even if it is not watched completely. This is a matter of regard for some tiny businesses that are puzzled about a genuine value Snapchat can beget for them.

Snapchat in Brief

If we haven’t used Snapchat before, here’s what we need to know about it.

Snapchat is a amicable network like Facebook and Twitter. Unlike these amicable networking sites, however, your updates (or snaps) do not hang around for too long. Rather, they disappear once your supporters have noticed it.

Majority of Snapchat users are underneath a age of 25. So if your aim assembly falls within this age group, Snapchat is a good choice to strech them.

It’s an sparkling height that’s constantly reinventing itself to interest to businesses. You only need to figure out either it works for we or not.

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