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New company creates highly tuned, targeted video marketing assets that convert viewers into customers at impressive rates, make great sense for small companies, Targeted Marketing Videos reports

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Warner Robins, GA — (SBWIRE) — 07/29/2015 — With the effectiveness of video marketing now widely recognized and increasing rapidly, small businesses have an excellent new way of acquiring more customers, as the founders of Targeted Marketing Videos announce that the new company has opened its doors. Focusing on small operations like local businesses, family businesses, and handmade crafters, Targeted Marketing Videos will deliver affordable, highly effective marketing videos and all the necessary supporting assets with only a month-to-month commitment. Leveraging lessons gleaned through extensive research and deep experience in the industry, Targeted Marketing Videos’ offerings will provide impressive returns on investment to clients in the form of new customers and greater revenue.

« Today is a big day for us, as well as for all those businesses out there that could use an incredibly cost-effective marketing boost, » Targeted Marketing Videos representative Michael R. Bloemer said, « There are a whole range of companies that are not getting the marketing help they deserve, and we are dedicated to fixing that problem. From now on, top-quality marketing video campaigns that reliably turn viewers into customers are just a quick, easy consultation away. »

As high speed data connections have increasingly become the norm both for personal computers and mobile devices, consumers have started gravitating more and more to online video content. This ongoing development has sent shock waves through the world of digital marketing, where most effort traditionally centered around text and still images.

It has become clear, however, that online video is already one of the most effective marketing mediums of all and that its importance will only continue to grow. A widely cited study by independent group Forrester Research, for example, pegs the value of a well-made marketing video as equivalent to that of nearly two million words of text.

While not every company is well positioned to take advantage of the power of this form of marketing, many of those that are have been under-served by the established players in the video production industry. Targeted Marketing Videos was founded to right this imbalance, setting off with a mission of focusing specifically on those smaller companies whose business models make them perfect candidates for video marketing initiatives.

Toward that end, Targeted Marketing Videos will create original, custom-made, affordable video marketing for Gastroenteerologist clinics and other businesses where significant per-client revenues mean that videos typically pay for themselves in short order. Since video marketing for Water Damage Restoration experts, for example, has proven to be one of the most effective ways of improving the fortunes of companies of that kind, clients can be confident that Targeted Marketing Videos specialists will be well informed about their line of work and ready and able to provide valuable marketing assistance. In addition to offering highly effective marketing video production services, the company can also create top-quality Facebook advertisements, compelling landing pages, Google AdWords campaigns, and other assets that support this output, with all being available on a monthly basis.

Getting started with the new company is an easy process that begins with a quick, free consultation. Prospective clients can be assured that Targeted Marketing Videos’ work focuses relentlessly on the all-important goal of producing new customers for them, making use of proven and cutting edge marketing and video production techniques to do so. Whether for video marketing for Mommy Makeover specialist practices, contractors that pine for more business, or other companies, then, Targeted Marketing Videos is the best source of all.

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Producing highly effective, top quality, impressively affordable content for companies in specialized, under-served industries, Targeted Marketing Videos delivers the kinds of results that make a real difference for each client’s bottom line.

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