Singtel spot takes couple saying ‘No you hang up!’ to another level

Singtel has launched a new campaign to showcase the strength and coverage of its mobile network. Called “You make the call”, the campaign also aims to show how the telco empowers customers to connect and stay connected with their loved ones.

In a conversation with Marketing, Diana Chen, vice president for mobile marketing, Singapore consumer, at Singtel, added that the campaign is targeted at younger audiences. This is especially for those who want to stay connected anytime and anywhere. The campaign runs on Singtel TV, Facebook, YouTube and in-store activations.

The spot showcases real life celebrity couple Shane Pow and Kimberly Wang on a video call which never seems to end, which each individual telling the other to hang up. The conversation eventually escalates into a global worldwide and viral phenomenon leading to a movie premiere and events where large groups of people rally behind Pow and Wang. Since its posting on YouTube, the spot garnered 829,713 views at the time of writing.

The campaign also features another spot to showcase technical details on how the network keeps the lovebirds connected on the “world’s longest video call”. This showcases two tech support Singtel staff in a behind-the-scenes video titled “You Make The Call: Behind The Tech”. This video showcases one of Singtel’s engineers getting calls from his mother in various locations which mirror the first spot. This includes jungles, heavily crowded locations and underground tunnels.

According to Chen, this is to show how Singtel’s engineers continuously test and optimise the network to ensure a consistently high quality experience for customers at all times. The spot garnered 296,826 views at the time of writing.

The campaign runs through mid-November. It was conceptualised by BBH Singapore and filmed by production company Freeflow. Success of the campaign will be measured through consumer engagement as well as the impact on consumer perceptions and behaviour.


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