Should Your Video Marketing Strategy Include Documentaries?

Growing up, radio ads were absolute sources of influence, lifting me on images of my best and misfortune selves.

During a 30-seconds sprints that peppered my favorite TV shows, we got to watch my ideal self as we brushed with a sold toothpaste, ate certain organic fruit, or bought a latest gadget. In other moments within those same ad spots, we was shown usually how unhappy my life contingency be though that toothpaste, fruit, or gadget. This regulation of fast, familiar announcement has been a video selling plan normal for decades—but with a new appearance of digital media, a practice’s efficacy has come rather into question. As consumers are given a collection to correlate some-more immediately with an ever-growing series of brands, hyperbolic miscarry promotion has begun to seem some-more sincerely opposed and manipulative.

For many marketers and brands, this meant relocating toward new digital promotion media. But for some, a internet supposing an eventuality to pronounce about one’s formula story in new, authentic ways, mouth-watering audiences in and (hopefully) maintaining them longer.

It is from this propagandize of selling suspicion that we’ve seen a swell in a sold impression of content: a documentary. Real stories about genuine people told in permitted ways. But is this usually a passé tactic, a duration pretence that will blur as selling record and practices impetus on? Or is it probable that brands now reason a singular position to tell sold stories that haven’t been told before?

How Documentaries Killed a Short-Form Strategy

All contention of tinge or flawlessness aside, one of a initial obstacles for advertisers looking to use docu-style narratives was a inherently brief form of ads. While entirely constructed documentaries can operation all over from a few mins to underline length, there wasn’t unequivocally an determined regulation that could concede for an insinuate tellurian story to rise in 30–40 seconds.

The outcome was that as consumers began to demand some-more flawlessness and transparency from brands, normal brief forms weren’t going to be means to keep up. Some brands have attempted to pound these sorts of stories into 30- to 60-second windows in an bid to emanate simply common local promotion content. But even in a many successful among these ads—Misty Copeland’s mark with Under Armour, for example—the assembly is usually given a sense of a story though removing to entirely knowledge it.

There are apparent reasons that brands competence not have immediately done a burst to longer-form docu-narratives. Productions are longer and some-more costly, longer videos tend to have larger spectator dropoff, and, even with good source material, a ability to tell a story of someone’s life or an critical eventuality can be intensely difficult—as displayed by a relative stumblings of Misty’s underline length debut. But today, with a small creativity, it’s probable to kick those issues to furnish absolute visible stories that bond with your audience. So how can we take advantage of this form in your video marketing strategy?

Understand Your Medium—Then Break It

Guinness took an glorious proceed to a documentary selling plea behind in 2014 with a recover of “Sapeurs“—part of a brand’s Made of More campaign. Instead of rising a full-length documentary, they separate a local promotion debate into dual parts—a 90-second mark that could be used in a far-reaching accumulation of digital ad spaces or simply common (or name dear radio spaces), and afterwards a longer 7 notation square entitled “The Men Inside a Suits,” that went into some-more documentary abyss about any of a characters decorated in a short.

By violation a video middle in two, Guinness was means to tell a singular story in a approach that broadened a series of probable spaces it could speak. In addition, a formula combined a approach to magnitude a audience’s seductiveness in a story: communication on a shorter square supposing a car for swelling prominence and gauging initial interest, while a longer square supposing additional value, continued a story, and gave a formula a approach to magnitude how most of a assembly wanted to continue to rivet with a story after a shorter spot.

Collections of shorter impression profiles, long-form articles that follow adult shorter videos, collections of interviews or podcast series—all these techniques can capacitate your formula to change cost and format in a approach that best suits a story and budget. The pivotal is to find ways to emanate mixed pieces of calm around a singular story—each of that should minister their possess value to a assembly (i.e. don’t heave a same element into opposite formats) and give your formula a approach to maintain people by a flue of rendezvous with a story.

Every formula has a story to tell. But where many brands hunt for this story by costly ad agencies, elaborate campaigns, or appeals to constructed ideals, documentary calm encourages brands to lapse to their simplest foundations. Authenticity isn’t an part or metric that can be slapped onto a project, though it presents simply when a people and story behind your formula are brought into focus.

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