SCORE Workshop Focuses on Video Marketing to Enhance Your Business

To meet the growing demand for differentiating your business and/or product, SCORE is offering Video Marketing to Enhance Your Business, Thursday, February 12 from 6-9 pm at SCORE office, 20 West Park Street, Suite 316 in the Citizens Bank Building, Lebanon, NH.

SCORE, a nonprofit association dedicated to educating entrepreneurs and helping small businesses start, grow, and succeed nationwide, offers a series of workshops.

Tim Egan, a Managing Partner at Moody Street Pictures, will share his years of industry knowledge and experience to explain the basics of video marketing and its impact, how to integrate video with online and other marketing efforts, and how to simplify the process. The SCORE workshop, sponsored by Ledyard Bank, is for business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketing managers who want to better understand the use and benefits of video marketing and how it will enhance their business.
In this information-packed session, attendees will discover the fundamentals of video marketing, simplified video marketing techniques, and how to create a video marketing plan. In addition, how to integrate video with social media, benefits of video blogging, and how videos can increase your search engine optimization. The fee for this workshop is $30.  If you bring a spouse or business partner as a guest, the two of you can attend for $45.

A follow up workshop, Video Production for Small Businesses will be held Thursday, March 5th at 6 pm in the Computer Lab at Franklin Pearce University at 24 Airport Road, Suite 19 in West Lebanon. The workshop will share the processes and steps needed to make a video which can be used to promote you or your business.

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