Sandbox Adventure, HTML5 visible novel engine


I’ve been operative on an RPG engine for a game Wind Fortress and it is already modernized adequate to make visible novels. It is called Sandbox Adventure Engine (SAE).

One of my favourite underline is an involuntary importer from Ren’Py, a categorical visuel novel engine. Of course, it is not a « one-click » conversion, though many of a routine is automated, withdrawal usually « few » things to be finished manually. Three practical novels have already been translated and I’m operative on 3 others that will be expelled soon. You can check a outcome on the engine website.

For now, we am a usually one means to emanate project, though it would be good if anybody could do it one day. But there is still a lot of work to be finished to grasp that. Since it is not nonetheless open source (not that we don’t wish to share it though it is such a large mess!), I’m formulation to supplement an exporter to Ren’Py so all projects finished with SAE will be entirely exportable to Ren’Py in roughly one click. Authors that will chose to emanate a visible novel with SAE won’t be dependant of my framework.

SAE has been tested on Firefox, Chrome, IE9+ and Safari. It is not manageable nonetheless (compatible with smartphone) though it is on tip of my to-do list. There are still many things to be finished and we will post any enrichment on this thread.

I wish we will like it. Don’t demur to news bug if we find any!

The showcase is permitted here:

PS: even if we wish one day to make income with games we rise with SAE, a engine is not a blurb plan in itself. All converted games entirely go to their authors and are permitted for free.

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