Room 214 Offers Social Video Marketing Tips in Free Report

Social media agency Room 214 has released its second quarterly trend report on online marketing, and this one is full of tips for using online video more effectively. (For those new to the term, a social media agency works with brands to create stronger social media campaigns.)

The report starts off by listing some of the benefits of presenting information in video:

  • Higher retention rates: Viewers will remember your message longer
  • Lower website bounce rates: Viewers will stick around while watching your videos
  • Easy to embed: Uploading videos to YouTube or other sharing sites and them embedding them to company page is extremely simple.
  • Increase engagement and shares: Make a catchy video that delivers useful information and customers will want to share it with their friends.

One of the most useful parts of the video section helps marketers makes sense of the terms paid, earned, owned, and social media. All four are ways that a finished video can be used, but the terms can be confusing for newcomers. Paid media means digital advertising; it’s any way that a company pays for video views. Owned media means placing the video on properties the company owns, such as websites, press releases, or in-store displays. Earned media is much sought-after, as it means that a company’s fans are doing the work of spreading the video for free. Marketers work hard to get top influencers to share videos, since that means more earned views. Finally, social media means using social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to talk to customers directly.

The report goes into depth on all four types of marketing, explaining how to get the maximum pay off for each.

“As more brands recognize the benefits of video content, the more competitive it will be to get views in front of the right audience. An integrated video marketing and distribution approach will ensure well-produced videos reach viewers at relevant touch points, and ultimately drive intended business goals,” the Room 214 report notes.

Download the full trend report from Room 214. Free registration is required.

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