Rocketfuel boosts offering for brands with the launch of new divisions

Rocketfuel Entertainment, formerly known as Astro Digital Publications, has launched three divisions – Rocketfuel Network, Rocketfuel Talent and Rocketfuel Records. With the new divisions, Rocketfuel is able to strategise and execute influencer marketing campaigns for brands and produce viral content.

Its services for brands include branded content, social media marketing, video production, endorsements and talent management. Rocketfuel Network collaborates with content creators to produce digital content and creating new intellectual property. Rocketfuel Talent, the company’s talent management arm, currently represents Malaysian stars including Zizan Razak, Lisa Surihani, Aaron Aziz and Hisyam Hamid. Its talent academy aims to train and develop celebrities for the local and international stage. Rocketfuel Records, an independent music label in Malaysia, currently works with artists such as Hazama, Syamel, Hafiz Suip and Stacy.

“Today the approach to influencer marketing is fragmented. Rocketfuel aims to inject a more cohesive and holistic approach that is missing in the marketplace; a laser-focused entertainment talent house that offers marketers the most influential brand ambassadors who have the widest reach on digital platforms and social media,” Murali ‘Moots’ Marimuthu, VP of Rocketfuel, said.

“While celebrity endorsements sell like hot cakes and inspire consumer confidence, Rocketfuel aims to go deeper by striking meaningful collaboration with brands, aligning values and bridging gaps in communications through targeted messaging that inspires actions,” he added.

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