Report reveals video an increasingly important marketing content channel

ALF Insight’s latest report reveals that more marketers than ever will be investing in video this year. Overall, 60% of marketers are looking to use video in 2016, a 20% YoY rise.

According to the report, « Last year, video ranked as the sixth most popular medium with only 40% of marketers using it in their marketing mix. More businesses will look to integrate video on their websites, as well as incorporating it into their social strategy, (Periscope, Vine and AudioBuffer) as YouTube is no longer the only choice when it comes to digital video players and platforms. »

In fact, the report shows that marketing budgets are on the rise with more marketers looking to invest in a multitude of new technologies in the coming year. Eighty-eight percent of marketers plan to increase or maintain their spending level during 2016 compared to 84% last year. The publishing, Internet and retail sectors are those with the highest marketing spend.

Seventy percent of marketers will be investing in CRM, 69% in CMS and 67% in data analytics as the importance of improving the customer journey rises.

However, email still leads the way with 75% of marketers still sending their content marketing directly via email. Apart from websites (35%) email marketers drives the most ROI with 31% of marketers saying it is their strongest channel.

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