Report: Expect video marketing’s role to grow in 2017

Video marketing has taken off over the past few years, but the most exciting thing for video marketers is that it shows few signs of slowing, with mobile video beginning to come into its own and new technologies available to better gauge performance for video campaigns.

The new “Future of Video 2017” report from Firebrand Group polled marketing pros on how they are using video, how video has performed from an ROI perspective, and their take on the future, and found that the video marketing space is an exciting place for marketers right now.

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“Part of why video looks like such a big opportunity is that it’s getting to be hugely significant across multiple channels: desktop and mobile,” the report reads. “Therefore, if you’re not doing video marketing in some form, you risk decreased conversion rates, lower year over year web traffic and ultimately being left behind.”

Firebrand Group found that marketers are leveraging video to drive conversions and sales, and to drive customer loyalty, but one area is currently being underutilized by marketers: customer service.

“Our research and analysis has strongly suggested that video is simply not used for aftercare or answering post-purchase questions,” the report reads. “As video becomes more sophisticated, brands looking to future-proof themselves need to ask how they can use video to support all departments as opposed to just one or two. Just as brands eventually realized that social media could be used for multiple business objectives including customer service, the same will happen with video as the medium becomes more sophisticated.”

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As mobile video becomes more integrated into the daily routines of buyers and prospects, marketers need to be ready to reach them on these important channels.

“The amount of hours of video people watch on their phones is up 100 percent year over year, and with longer individual sessions,” according to the report. “The average mobile viewing session on YouTube is over 40 minutes, a surprising length and a potential alternative to traditional programming that most people couldn’t even imagine a few years ago.”

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