Report: Americans streaming more online video, watching less TV

Americans are embracing online video, enjoying more freedom in choosing the content they watch, which has hurt TV viewership, according to a new report from Nielsen. The shift to online video is going to pressure cable and satellite TV providers – despite many consumers not necessarily cutting the cord, less viewership will hurt advertising and pressure providers to find ways to evolve.


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More consumers have broadband Internet access and can choose from Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, YouTube and other services – as more broadcasters and content providers test online video services – with 45 percent of Americans streaming television shows at least once per month, eMarketer said.


« Content is still king, but consumers are shaping their own content-discovery experience, and the evolving media landscape has not lessened consumer demand for quality, professionally produced content, » said Dounia Turrill, Nielsen SVP of insights, in a statement. « What has changed is the number and reliability of new media available to viewers. »

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