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Mobile devices are now more powerful than
the satellites that carry their signals, and allow users to do everything from
taking images and video to watching them, browsing online, editing documents
and even video conference calling. It is no surprise then that more users than
ever are browsing the web primarily on their mobile devices, yet this remains
largely an untapped market for businesses.
Z Marketing
specializes in online and digital
marketing, and has launched a new Mobile Marketing service to help businesses
unlock this potential to deliver more new customers than ever.

Current estimates suggest that between 70-80% of initial inquiries are now made
on mobile phones, meaning a mobile optimized site, locally focused SEO for
people using services like Google Maps to identify potential service
providers  can make all the difference in
generating leads and converting those leads to sales.

Gen Z’s mobile marketing services undertake a broad spectrum approach employing
multiple strategies to maximize lead generation and ROI, enabling customers to
pay for services through their mobile, browse websites that automatically
optimize themselves for any screen size through responsive
website design, and can be found
through local searches.

A spokesperson for Gen Z Marketing explained, “We understand that we are living
in an increasingly mobile world and 2015 may become the first year when we see
significant purchases being made through mobile devices thanks to the launch of
banking and PayPal apps and more. As such, businesses need to be ready, and we
can help them do that with our bespoke mobile marketing package, which will
help businesses in Australia make the most of the mobile boom and get one step
ahead of the competition in doing so. Those that are ready today will see it
pay dividends in the year to come, and we look forward to welcoming new clients
in 2015.  We are renowned for our SEO
services which are all white hat and focus on delivering page one results for
profitable keywords.  However we believe
2015 will be the year that mobile strategies may even surpass our SEO success.”


About Gen Z Marketing: Gen Z marketing
provides SEO Digital marketing services. They are based in Adelaide
Australia. The company offer web design, search engine optimisation, local SEO
and mobile specific digital marketing, as well as business to business
consultancy for SMEs. The company is a small and agile agency comprising some
of the best minds in the industry. For more information please visit:

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