ReelSEO + Tubular = Fast-Forwarding Video Marketing Intelligence

When I started ReelSEO back in 2007, online video was still an infant and online video marketing was just being born.  At YouTube, just six hours of video content was being uploaded to the site each minute — versus more than 300 hours/min nowadays.  At the time, marketers were just beginning to explore the potential of social media marketing, and for most of them, online video wasn’t even on the radar.  This was way before MCN’s hit the scene, way before video sitemaps, before mobile video and HTML5, before TrueView advertising, and before terms like « social video » even existed.

ReelSEO + Tubular = Fast Forwarding Video Marketing IntelligenceFrom the start, I specifically chose to use a FFWD icon in our ReelSEO logo — as my mission was to help « Move Online Video Forward, Fast! »  I wanted to fast-track my own knowledge of the space and help educate other publishers, marketers, and businesses on how to get a head-start in the online video marketing revolution that I felt was fast approaching.  Seven years later, I feel that ReelSEO has succeeded in this mission. More than 250,000 unique readers visit the site each month to learn about best practices for online video marketing. We’ve authored 1000’s of articles, published 100’s of videos, launched educational webinars and whitepapers, and brought together several hundred brand marketers, video professionals, industry thought leaders, and solutions providers for our annual video marketing leadership summit – ReelSummit.

For 2015 and beyond, I believe it is time for us to celebrate the fact that online video has finally arrived and IS our future. Does anyone still need convincing that online video is a marketer’s dream? I don’t think so. It’s my strong belief that because online video has hit the mainstream, it is now critically important that any knowledge and expertise offered by ReelSEO, gets paired with actual, real-world data when available.

In light of all of this, I am very pleased to announce today that our team at ReelSEO, is joining the team at Tubular Labs.  In speaking with Rob Gabel, CEO of Tubular Labs, earlier this year, it became clear that we share a mission to empower video creators and marketers with actionable insights, and that teaming with Tubular would provide ReelSEO with the resources it needs to better focus on providing actionable guidance for our readers and the industry at large.

ReelSEO + Tubular = Fast-Forwarding the Video Marketer’s Guide 

So, I’m sure you’re wondering – « What does this mean?  How will things change at ReelSEO?« 

First off, it’s important to state emphatically, that we care about your opinion!  In the coming days and weeks, we’ll be soliciting your thoughts on what you’d like to see us focus in on. Our immediate goal will be to enhance the site’s content and user experience.  You’ll notice that as of today, we have removed display advertising from the site for speed and less distraction.

Together, our goal overall will be to create the most comprehensive and valuable video marketing content and technology resource available. will remain a separate destination site but will be incorporated into Tubular Labs‘ intelligence network as a free resource for the industry that is dedicated exclusively to providing insights, data, advice, trends, and best practices for video marketing success.

In terms of the team here at ReelSEO, we’ve made a conscious decision to focus exclusively on providing content for the industry that helps video marketers succeed. As such, we will no longer be covering general industry news and press announcements. News stories will only be covered when they can directly provide actionable video marketing insights. As for me, I will be joining Tubular Labs as their new Head of Advanced Video Practices.  In this role, I will oversee all editorial and research content related to video marketing but will continue to passionately lead the team at ReelSEO.

Stay tuned for more…

From the beginning, it was always my desire to continually learn as well as to help evangelize and disseminate the most comprehensive, objective information aimed at helping anyone whose career or livelihood depends on the success of online video.  I truly believe that together with Tubular Labs and their data technology, ReelSEO will be in a much better position to teach you how to surf the massive wave that is now online video. Our aim will be to continue to be THE GUIDE for video marketers.

It would be remiss of me if I didn’t express my sincere thanks and gratitude not only to Tubular Labs, but also to the many readers, industry advocates, contributors, colleagues, and friends that have helped to support our efforts over the years.  So, Thank you very much from all of us at ReelSEO.

Stay tuned for more information in the coming days and weeks and please feel free to comment below if you have any questions or thoughts.


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