Rae Sremmurd Release Interactive Video for ‘Over Here’

By Amanda Wicks

Rae Sremmurd are getting involved with the growing list of artists releasing interactive music videos artists to provide a more unique viewing experience for their fans. The duo’s new video for “Over Here” is a music video you can build, because the more friends who play the video on their phones at the same time, the bigger the video becomes.

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So what are the specifics involved? Start by finding the video at overhere.tv. Once there, invite your friends to watch the video and link your phones together for a bigger experience. “The more devices you add, the more you see, and the better the video becomes,” the press release explains.

“Over Here” features Bobo Swae and begins with Rae Sremmurd and their friends gathered together in a gym before aliens abduct them and transport them to various crazy adventures. They hang out on a stage in space for a minute before venturing on to a post-apocalyptic city, visiting the desert and dinosaurs, and more.

The video posted on VEVO shows a hint of what users will experience if they put their phones together. With the camera zoomed in on a center figure, there are things happening on the margins that must become fully visible when more people are able to watch the video together.

Besides seeing a better version of the video, watching the video with more friends means unlocking secret content, like real-time commentary, a lyric video and an 8-bit version of the music video.

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