Racial unity video wins grand prize

WITH RM25,000 cash prize in hand, the winners of the Yeo’s I Love Malaysia video contest are ready to embark on their upcoming project.

“But first, we are going to take this hard-earned money and reward ourselves with a vacation.

“Don’t get us wrong, the vacation will help to open up new horizons, so that we can come back inspired and reinvigorated for our next venture!” said Teh Chun Yen, 24.

He and his peers Lim Han Loong, 24, and Kelvin Tan Kian, 23, all from Universiti Sains Malaysia, bagged the grand prize in the contest with their heart-warming short film titled Xie Xie (thank you).

The one-minute video tells of a young boy who fished out his own savings to buy a packet of Yeo’s drink for another boy while he took care of his parents’ grocery shop, despite his mother’s stern warning to steer clear of strangers.

Though short, the video effectively communicated the message of racial unity and demonstrated love for the country, and that was what won the judges over.

Speaking of the contest, the panel of judges, which included directors Dick Chua and Osman Ali, said the quality of this year’s submission surpassed their expectations.

“We found the entries were an improvement from Yeo’s first video contest, in terms of story idea and delivery, sound, colour and camera movement,” said Chua.

Osman said they rated the videos based on how the ideas were conveyed as well as the acting and technical aspects involved.

“We noticed the extra effort taken in the technicalities involved which helped to push across their storyline of different genres.

“Even the choice of actors they had were exemplary, with many talents seen to be able to deliver dialogues most naturally,” he added.

The judges, who returned to helm the evaluation process in Yeo’s second video contest, also noted the support of corporate bodies in organising such events.

“It is through these platforms that aspiring film-makers can have a venue to show their talent and showcase their work,” Chua highlighted.

Yeo Hiap Seng (M) Bhd group vice-president for Malaysia and Indonesia Ong Chay Seng said the good response from its first contest had encouraged the company to organise a second one.

“We hope through small contests such as this, we can build future successful directors like our panel of judges,” Ong said.

He said the contest’s patriotic theme was to pay tribute to the country where the company had grown from strength to strength.

“Another reason is that with all the negativity the country is going through today, this is our small way of getting people to be involved and building the Malaysian spirit of togetherness,” he added.

The contest, held from Aug 31 to Dec 31 last year, received more than 100 submissions.

More than RM50,000 worth of cash prizes and Yeo’s products were given away.

Second and third place winners Low Tiong Lim and Zurayah Abd Razak took home Yeo’s products as well as RM5,000 and RM3,000 cash respectively.

Emily Yii En Li and Ang Yik Chuan won the special awards of RM2,000 cash and Yeo’s products each, while the contest also gave away eight consolation prizes as well as four special prize titles.

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