R.AGE wins big at marketing awards

KUALA LUMPUR: Star Media Group was one of the big winners of the Marketing Excellence Awards 2017.

Its R.AGE team swept three gold awards despite stiff competition from some of the country’s biggest marketing agencies.

R.AGE bagged gold awards for Excellence in Digital Marketing, Excellence in Viral Marketing and Excellence in Social Media Marketing at the award ceremony on Friday.

The awards were given for R.AGE’s investigative documentary campaign Predator In My Phone, which combined video, print, digital media, and on-ground activation to combat child sexual crimes.

Launched in June last year, the campaign’s online videos have racked up millions of views, while its online and on-ground advocacy initiatives contributed to the passing of the Sexual Offences Against Children Act 2017 in April.

R.AGE deputy executive editor and producer Ian Yee paid tribute to the young journalists on his team for the win.

“These are young men and women who have sacrificed so much and put their personal safety at risk at times, all in the name of good journalism.

“Even now, after all the awards and accolades, they’re still out there investigating a host of other issues. I hope the Malaysian public will continue to support their work and help them create an even more positive impact, together,” said Yee.

R.AGE has received a total of 15 major accolades since mid-2016, just months after Star Media Group revamped the small youth team into a documentary journalism outfit.

The other awards include the World Young Reader Prize, Asian Media Awards, SOPA Awards, Kajai Award, and the World Digital Media Awards, the latter of which they received two weeks ago at the World Publishing Expo in Berlin, Germany.

“We really have to thank Star Media Group for believing in our work. Not many companies would give a bunch of young journalists the kind of support we’ve received, especially to do investigative, cause-driven journalism.

“It must have been a gamble for the management to green-light our switch to investigative documentaries, but I believe they supported it because we share the same vision of using journalism for the good of the people,” added Yee.

To find out more about R.AGE’s work, go to rage.com.my or facebook.com/thestarRAGE

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