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“We created the show to talk with people like us, in the public relations and marketing field that want to learn more, to get better at what we do and to hopefully have some fun,” said Brian Murnahan, President of Murnahan Public Relations.

The KPI Banter Show debuted last week during a kick-off party with hosts and co-founders Brian Murnahan and Michelle Keefer, along with partner Curtis Stratton. The new webcast features talks with professionals in public relations and marketing including Joe Trahan, the media relations coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys; Jessica Burnham, executive director for the Deep Ellum Foundation and Bob Hastings, executive vice president and chief of staff for Bell Helicopter.

“We created the show to talk with people like us, in the public relations and marketing field that want to learn more, to get better at what we do and to hopefully have some fun,” said Murnahan, President of Murnahan Public Relations ( “Practical success stories and insights for how others have measured success and defined their goals are helpful to everyone in the field and insightful to thousands of small business owners who wear a multitude of hats every day.”

The KPI Banter Show pushed out an app to the Google Play Store and published its website with the first three episodes at The iPhone app will be issued before the end of the year. In addition to the feature conversation, topics of the day have already included banter on SnapChat, a failed Pepsi Cola ad and personal leadership.

“Nerding out over patterns and trends is the best part of measuring success, the data tells you what to do next,” according to Keefer, President at MKConsulting ( “Simply putting out the content is not enough, we have to measure the success of each piece and across various channels. While it does come down to a repeatable process, there’s nothing one size fits all about it. This show explores real life examples of what that looks like in all types of situations.”

There is more content available in the premium content section of the site, including additional conversations with our featured interview, tips and insights. KPI Banter hosts Murnahan and Keefer have already had some gaffs around the studio that have generated bloopers to lighten up the mood.

“Featuring great content is our first goal, but then we want to make sure that it is consumable – timed right with the segments identified and with great visuals to help tell the story,” said Stratton, President of Stratton Productions ( “The shows production value will grow in time, but right now we want everyone to see what we have. They need to get excited about what we are doing and they will be impressed as the show progresses.”

The new show is looking for great new interviews to share their successes and tips for everyone to learn from. In addition, the show is looking for sponsors that would like to put their brands and products in front of the KPI Banter Show audience. Our first sponsor is Magik Digital, responsible for developing our debut website and mobile applications.

“We produce great websites and view our role as saving the internet one website at a time,” said DeeAnn Dubeansky, President of Magik Digital ( “The KPI Banter Show works to elevate the conversation around public relations and marketing, not only in big business, but down on Main Street.”

Murnahan added, “We can all learn from the successes of our peers. Some of us have more resources that others, but that is not to say, the tactics used by Bell Helicopter could not be adapted and used by an innovative business owner.”

About KPI Banter Show:

The KPI Banter Show is your source for Marketing Communications news, trends, and entertainment. Each episode is constructed to provide you with easy to watch content sprinkled with the banter of two industry pros. The KPI Banter Show was designed to offer an alternative to the typical articles, blogs, and books that are largely available for the marketing and communication professional searching for ways to stay informed.

Episode 1 – Dallas Cowboys

Episode 2 – Deep Ellum Foundation

Episode 3 – Bell Helicopter


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