Public Payroll Profile: City of Amarillo Marketing Manager/Public Communications and Community Engagement Jesse …

The Basics: 28 years old. One son. Amarillo native. Randall High School/West Texas AM School of Music alum. Has been in stream position for reduction than a month.

Basic Job Responsibilities: “I emanate selling materials such as brochures, signage, apparel, amicable content, video and photography. we also support with media communications, amicable media, press conferences and City Council meetings.”

Favorite/Least Favorite Parts of a Job: “My favorite partial so distant is a associate staff – they are all good and friendly. Also, only a volume of things that are changing and flourishing within my home city. To be a partial of it is really exciting. we have no slightest favorite tools so far, and we wish it stays that way.”

Hobbies/Spare Time: “I sing opera, adore portrayal and creation handmade items, participating in a Amarillo Community Market, operative out and running, spending time with my dogs and hiking in Palo Duro Canyon.”

Guilty pleasure: “Tex-mex food. we can’t get adequate queso, tacos or fajitas from Rosas … and re-watching “Game of Thrones” ​while watchful on a new deteriorate to start.”

Dave Henry

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