PubCoder adds HTML5 export for Mac and releases first beta version for Windows

This press release below was received late last week and somehow I skipped right over it. TNM is always interested in new publishing platforms, especially ones that promise some form of cross-platform publishing.

PubCoder-MacThe Italian company PubCoder has just updated its platform to version 1.5 and added HTML5 export. They have also released a beta version for Windows.

eBooks created with PubCoder, according to its website, are found mostly inside the iBooks Store, but a number of them are also inside Google Play and the Kobo store. Of course, what is missing remains, but it is a common problem.

PubCoder can be downloaded for free at the company’s website and used for 30 days. After that the price is €25 per month (there is also a team price available, as well).

Here is the company’s announcement from last week:

Torino, Italy – July 23, 2015 – PubCoder announced today that it has added HTML5 export to its new 1.5 version for Mac and opened the free beta version for Windows to the public.

“For months our community asked us new possibilities of publication”, said Paolo Giovine, CEO and Founder of PubCoder, “our export HTML5 opens up new exciting opportunities: today we allow anyone (publishers, agencies, brands, creative people, teachers and students) to build and export interactive content anywhere on the web, making it available also in a browser: this is the road that will lead us, in the near future, to see interactive content in social media networks. We work on the standards such as EPUB3 and HTML5, which allow us to imagine a world of content easily accessible and distributable; a world where creating content for all platforms and all users, even those with disabilities or special needs, will be a standard practice. It is in this spirit, that today we also launch our first free public version for PC, only few days away from the public release of Microsoft Windows 10: there is no other tool versatile such as PubCoder in the whole Windows world, and we already received enthusiastic feedback from our community”

PubCoder already allows to easily export in all publishing formats such as EPUB3 FXL, IOS, Android and KF8, making incredibly easy to publish projects for desktop and mobile. PubCoder can also easily create and manage different versions of a project in different languages, in all alphabets such as Chinese, Arabic and Cyrillic and both left-to-right and right-to-left writing directions and pages browsing modes.

The free beta version of PubCoder for Windows can be downloaded from PubCoder website and can be used without any limitation until the launch of PubCoder 2.0, planned for Q4 2015. PubCoder for Windows requires Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or later and Internet Explorer 11 or later.

What’s new in PubCoder 1.5 for Mac:

  • HTML5 export that can be embedded into the browser and displayed on a website.
  • MathML validation in EPUB Output.
  • Customize icons in the Image Gallery widget.
  • Insert Tables in Text Objects.

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