Patrón and filmmaker Guillermo del Toro launch gothic video short

Dive Brief:

  • Patrón Tequila tapped famed director Guillermo del Toro for a nearly three-minute video short promoting their collaborative tequila product released in July, according to a press release provided to Marketing Dive.
  • The video has a cinematic quality and features del Toro’s classic gothic style. In it, he sits at a candle-lit desk narrating the process of making tequila with comparisons to spiritual rebirths, a common theme he invokes in his directorial work. During the narration, the video illustrates the journey of an agave plant from harvest to the heart being burned to release its spirit to create the tequila, for which del Toro designed the intricate box of candles and liquor bottle shaped into a skeleton.
  • The spot was created by Casey Danielle of Seattle-based production company Mindcastle and agency The Brooklyn Brothers. 

Dive Insight:

Patrón’s collaboration with del Toro is another example of how brands are starting to turn to Hollywood for talent and video content inspiration. In this case, the spot is closer to a more traditional celebrity sponsorship, as del Toro is simply starring in the video rather than creating or directing it. The video, which runs substantially longer than the standard ad format, seems to play off of del Toro’s cinematic theme of spiritual rebirth with a dark, ominous and gothic feel.

The production team used visuals to create tension and add a sense of darkness, according to HOBO Audio’s Diego Jimenez in the press release, adding that the right sound was essential to match the product’s packaging.

Patrón’s cinematic approach speaks to a broader trend in the industry of marketers using video for creative and compelling brand storytelling, rather than simply serving up facts about the product for consumers.

This is the latest in the liquor brand’s efforts to add creative tactics to its marketing mix. Most recently, it debuted a mobile app that uses augmented reality (AR) technology to show consumers how its tequilas are made and to provide guidance on at-home tastings using Apple’s new ARKit. In the past, Patrón has shown a willingness to experiment with emerging technologies, including an immersive virtual reality (VR) demonstration two years ago, where users could explore the brand’s production grounds and see how its spirits are made.

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