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« Customers have schooled how to discuss and share their valued stories around amicable media, while brands suffer formulating thousands of appealing promotion banners to convince their targeted business and a million info?graphics that digest what business need. Now is all about video content, » Niwat Chatawittayakul, plan direc?tor during BrandBaker digital agency, told The Nation final week.

With a upgrading of third-generation wireless broadband Internet, people are speedy to devour some-more and some-more online content. As such, they are apropos some-more tech-savvy with what is famous as a ROPO lifestyle. So, what is ROPO?

Niwat explained that before creation a squeeze of products or services, today’s consumers go online, investigate and review reviews about what they are meddlesome in, and afterwards squeeze offline. ROPO is therefore an acronym of investigate online, squeeze offline.

As smart-phones have turn some-more affordable with cutting-edge features, consumer poise has turn increasingly worldly and this creates outrageous direct for video consumption, he said.

Maaren Kallenberg, conduct of digital during selling investigate organisation TNS Thailand, pronounced his company’s latest investigate found that a normal series of online inclination per chairman in a Kingdom was three.

The inclination mentioned in a investigate are smart-phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, « smart » TVs and gaming consoles.

Kallenberg pronounced Thailand was a mobile-centric market, with high smart-phone invasion during 80

per cent – a figure that continues to rise.

He pronounced a reason video-watching was really critical to Thai consumers was that they still heavily relied on examination radio for party and information, spending an normal some-more than 3 hours a day doing so.

In new years, vital broadcasters have also put their rarely rated TV programmes on YouTube to benefit a incomparable assembly share, while consumers have got used to generating their possess calm around a online video-sharing site.

TNS’s investigate found that Thai Internet users watch video online 3.5 times per week.

The conduct of TNS Thailand pronounced he believed that video online would swell even some-more fast in a nearby future, quite after a launch of YouTube Thailand final year.

« Thai online users are really penetrating on new digital trends, though their use is still low, » he added.

He suggested that brands and companies should ready their communication plan to be in line with such a trend.

Following YouTube Thailand’s introduction, there will shortly also be good news for Thai Facebookers, as they will get a possibility to knowledge a new Auto Play in Video underline on a local Facebook site. This underline is already accessible in many countries, including a US and Singapore.

In a display during final week’s « Digital Insights 2015 by BrandBaker » seminar, Rathiya Issarachaikul, group lead for SMB (small and medium-sized business) comment government during Singapore-based Facebook Global, pronounced a new underline would concede comment users to now watch video clips on their timeline.

This will also offer a good possibility for advertisers and brands to get concerned with a new feature, she said.

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