Online Video SEO Course Aims to Help Brands Crush YouTube

What does it mean to “crush YouTube”? According to the people at, it means getting more views, increasing channel followers, and dominating in the search rankings. As experts in YouTube marketing they’ve recently created an online video course that helps brands succeed, with a special emphasis on search engine optimization (SEO).

CrushYouTubeAccording to the website, the course includes 28 videos broken into five sections: SEO basics, keyword research, surrounding content (such as titles and descriptions), linking and embedding, and YouTube rank tracking. At any time during the course you can send a private note to the teacher for clarification and more information.

Video SEO is important for any video marketer, but it’s difficult to master. The more brands know about speaking YouTube’s language, the more they can succeed.

By the end of the course, the instructors say you’ll know the answers to these questions: What is SEO? How do you optimize videos? What is link building for videos and how do you do it? How do you track a video’s position in Google and YouTube? How do you research keywords? How do you gain channel subscribers? And, finally, how do you make money from YouTube?

The course costs $12, which isn’t a big investment. If you get one or two useful tricks out of it, it pays for itself. You can save $3 right at the time of purchase by sharing the product over a social network. The creators promise that all the tools they use in the course are free, so there’s no further investment needed.

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