Online Video Marketing: Consumer Views of Branded Video on a Rise

Branded Video Views by Quarter

Consumers are ravenous branded video, and a trend shows no pointer of stopping. Branded video views strike 2.9 billion in a third entertain of 2014—the top ever, Visible Measures reports (see graph during right).

Moreover, brands explain that online video selling is effective. Seventy percent of marketers contend video translates improved than any other medium, as a Content Standard formerly reported.

Electronic brands are fueling a boost in video viewership. iPhone and smartphone hum in Sep increasing branded video views in Q3, Visible Measures says. In fact, campaigns combined by electronic brands accounted for 16 percent of a quarter’s sum views. That boost helped branded views swell altogether by some-more than 73 percent from a year ago.

Samsung led a container in Q3 with a “Galaxy Note 4 – Official Introduction” video, that boasts over 24.4 million YouTube views. Visual Measures estimates a sum “true reach” of this video during scarcely double that amount, that combines a viewership of brand-driven and audience-driven videos opposite hundreds of a Web’s many renouned video sites.

But a swell in branded video views isn’t singular to electronics. Nonprofits are also saying a poignant response to their online video selling efforts.

Nonprofits launched 146 vital campaigns this year, generating scarcely 670 million views, ReelSEO reports, compared to 90 campaigns that generated only underneath 70 million views behind in 2009. In other words, video views for vital nonprofit campaigns increasing by a whopping 857 percent in only 6 years.

The signs are clear: Online video selling works, either for a product proclamation or a nonprofit campaign. Smart video storytelling earns eyeballs. A clever calm selling plan can assistance brands emanate moving stories that bond with viewers.

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