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A new marketing and multimedia creator has opened up shop in Milledgeville. 

Old Capitol Productions, the creative content provider operated by local public servant and jack-of-all-trades Walter Reynolds, has spent the past several months making videos, press releases, social media campaigns, and a host of other marketing and audience engagement services for local organizations. Equipped with a talent for nearly every type of outreach that businesses and nonprofits could need, the new business owner and lifelong Milledgeville resident has already helped several organizations get their message out to the community and hopes to continue the service in the community and across Middle Georgia.

“Old Capitol Productions was a group that I actually started back in 2013,” said Reynolds. “Originally, my friend Tommy Cook and I were going to use Old Capitol Productions to run events out of. The event that we had in mind to run, we decided to hand off to the Milledgeville Young Professionals because they needed a fundraiser for Keep Milledgeville-Baldwin Beautiful, and Old Capitol Productions kind of sat dormant. … When I left the radio station [formerly Z97 FM] in March of this year, I said ‘You know what? Let’s get that back up and dust it off’.”

For nearly six months now, Old Capitol has helped local organizations market both online and through more traditional mediums. Although the company’s videos have already garnered hundreds of thousands of views on social media, the business offers a multitude of different services to help organizations better reach local audiences. 

“Old Capitol Productions provides a number of different services,” said Reynolds. “We offer social media management, content production, graphic design, and I’ve also added video services as well. I still produce radio commercials for clients, and at the moment I’m working with a couple of big clients out of Augusta. I do producing for a lot of television and social media video content, so I’ve taught myself how to use Adobe Premiere and have actually gotten pretty good at it in the past six months.”

Although the business has only been active for a short time, Old Capitol has already helped spread the word about several local businesses and nonprofits. After just a few months of operation, the business already counts music festivals, major health care providers, and museums among its clients. Reynolds even offers emcee services, equipment and coaching for event and multimedia presentations, utilizing his immense talent for public engagement for the benefit of his clients.

“I do big projects and I do small projects, from filming recitals to shooting television commercials,” he said. “Whatever you need done, I can do it. … If I had to narrow it down to one thing, I’d say my specialty is creative content. Anyone can post on their business’s Facebook, but if you really want something that’s going to be engaging, it needs to be visual and ideally it needs to be video-based. That’s what we see as being the latest trend online — people will watch videos if they catch their attention. Some of these videos that I’ve shared are reaching five and six thousand people without spending a dime.”

After years of working in the radio business and serving the city of Milledgeville as a member of City Council, Reynolds has gained a newfound measure of freedom in being able to set up his own schedule. This past week alone, he has produced videos for the Antebellum Inn, Beverage Depot and the Deep Roots Festival, constructed theatre scenes for the Baldwin High School Fine Arts Department, and travelled to Atlanta to help GeorgiaForward, a statewide nonprofit that promotes leadership and economic development, put on its annual forum. With such a vast array of different skills and a price point well below similar businesses in larger cities, Reynolds has created a business model that can assist nearly any type of business, organization or event.

“I’m really glad to be able to help people reach a changing audience,” he said. “Fifteen years ago, your audience was in traditional media: billboards, print, radio, television and all your traditional places. Now, people spend so much time on their phones that the phone becomes their television. To be able to reach people in a way that’s compelling on that device, you have to do it with the media that they’re spending the most time with.”

Old Capitol Productions can be reached via its Facebook page at www.facebook.com/OldCapitolProductions. For more information, visit www.oldcapitolproductions.com.

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