New Wellington Online Video Marketing Service Launches

WELLINGTON, NZ 10th Oct 2017: A new online video marketing service has been launched in Wellington, NZ. Online Videos, owned and operated by Andrew Haddleton of GIG Internet Marketing, has been set up to help businesses market themselves, and their products using online video.

Online video now accounts for 64% of all consumer Internet traffic, and according to the tech giant Cisco, is forecast to rise to 80% in 2019. This traffic concentration increases when people use mobile devices. In fact, video is 1,200% more likely to be shared than static content on social media platforms.

Further research data adds to the need for businesses to embrace online videos. For example, viewers are more than 50% more likely to buy a product after seeing a video than simply reading a post or article. It has also been found that businesses grow 49% faster than those that do not use video. It’s obvious then that if businesses want to market themselves, and their products or services, they need to be using online videos.

Most business owners think that video marketing is both too difficult, and definitely very expensive. However, Andrew Haddleton, said, “If you consider the traditional lights, camera, action videography, that is definitely expensive as it requires a production team, onsite visits, and extensive post-production editing. However, there are other, more cost-effective options using only online video styles.”

He went on to outline a few of the online videos styles he GIG has produced. “There are numerous different styles such as animated cartoons, whiteboard drawings, image-based, kinetic or moving Powerpoint presentations, explainer videos, product demonstrations, Facebook video ads, and many more.”

Andrew also said that there are some other smart ways to use videos to market a business which few company owners consider. For example, improving one’s online reputation by turning customer testimonials into multiple stand-alone videos. These can be a spokes-person talking about the company, or using Powerpoint slides.

Videos can also be used for branding video marketing. This can be achieved by having kinetic or 3D logo treatments as exciting, and consistent introductions to the portfolio of videos. A similar style “outro” can be used to sign off, or to post a call-to-action at the end of the video.

For more information, or to get more sales leads for one’s business, or if you are looking for a Wellington video agency, contact Andrew at Online Videos.


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