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Email Marketing Academy is an All-New Email Marketing Video Training Program to Help Anyone -Even Raw Newbies and Beginners – Master Email Marketing Fast

SOFIA, BG / ACCESSWIRE / March 4, 2015 / Given that most visitors to a new website will not buy on the first visit, visitors are more distracted than ever, marketing is generally getting more competitive and it is unlikely that new site visitors will be in the buying mode right at the moment of visiting, email marketing is an essential part of any online business today. That is, if a Web business is to survive, compete and grow in today’s crowded, information-overloaded commercial Web.

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That is why learning email marketing – currently used on a massive scale today by companies from Amazon to Spotify to Uber to British Airways to Zappos – is now a must and why Email Marketing Academy (with very simple, easy-to-follow lessons in a clear structure to get results fast) was born.

Email marketing is commonly looked down upon by those who know little about it and mistake it for spam. In actual fact, high quality email marketing is one of the best ways to gain and retain a following and maximize customer lifetime value. Email Marketing Academy is a new step by step training program that offers video style training covering everything from basic email marketing through to advanced email marketing tactics used by industry heavyweights.

The course has been created specifically to help one-man or one-woman entrepreneurs with little or no experience with list building and email marketing. The training consists of a comprehensive but easy to follow step-by-step video training course, which is accompanied with text transcripts to make note taking easier than ever. Supplementary to the course itself, there is also live QA help Monday-Friday to help people consult with experts to get the help they need.

Finally, all those undertaking the course will get access to an exclusive community of experienced email marketers and likeminded entrepreneurs to share inspiration and advice in a forum.

The course has been developed by Terry Kyle who is a known innovator and trainer in the online marketing community. Some of his training shaped the way people approached SEO and Email Marketing Academy is looking to have the same profound effect on people’s online success.

A spokesperson for Email Marketing Academy explained, « Many training courses discuss theory, but Terry always go much further than that, he only teaches techniques he has succeeded with. In fact, he goes further than that as he shows real results and processes from real live marketing campaigns. It’s this level of openness and detail that makes Terry such a respected online marketer. He is far from prolific with his courses because he puts so much into them, so when people decided to join his communities they know they get not just great strategies and training but also his undivided attention. One aspect of Email Marketing Academy that should not be underestimated is the community. The community acts as a motivator, a place to get critiques and an excellent source of knowledge. We truly believe this training has the ability to transform people’s businesses. »

About Email Marketing Academy:

Email Marketing Academy is Terry Kyle’s new, simple, step-by-step, comprehensive training on making email marketing the main engine of your online business. Terry is an Australian Web entrepreneur living in Eastern Europe and is the owner/creator of Email Marketing Academy, SEO Traffic Hacks, Traffic Planet and Traffic Planet Hosting, as well as a co-founder of Backlinks Forum back in 2009.

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