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( — December 30, 2014) Hawthorne, California — Online marketing entrepreneur and founder of KP Marketing Enterprises Kasey Perkins, has announced that they have opened up their video marketing services to the public in order to help clients generate more exposure to their business. KP Marketing Enterprises located in Los Angeles, has many marketing services that they offer, including web design, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and lead generation. They are now expanding to include their online video services to clients all around the world.
Perkins decided to open up these video marketing services to the public because he noticed that there were a lot of businesses that either never used video in their marketing or were using video, but didn’t have a great experience with it. He believes that his video production and marketing services are designed to get businesses a positive ROI. « We focus on creating videos using a special piece of technology that will allow you to tell a story and engage your target audience. These types of videos will entice your viewers to take action by visiting your website and contacting you, » said Perkins.

Kp Marketing Enterprises is also now offering a variety of other video marketing services such as video distribution, Youtube video views, video SEO (search engine optimization), and Youtube Video ads. Perkins claims that What sets their video services apart from others is that they are experts in many different areas of marketing and will design the perfect promotional strategy for the needs of a particular business and video. They will customize the video and promote it so that it attracts the perfect audience.

One of the things that KP Marketing Enterprises specializes in is getting videos to the top page of Google. They claim to do all the research to rank their clients video and get their business in front of the prospects that are looking for their services. This is one of the best ways to get continuous traffic to a website.

It’s essential for small businesses to increase their visibility as much as possible. But even larger corporations need to continuely bring in new customers and clients and keep them engaged. So having a long term video marketing strategy is necessary for businesses to capture the attention of their viewers and customers and obtain a constant stream of leads and sales.

Any company that wants to expand their business can add video as a tool to their marketing repertoire. If you’re interested in seeing whether KP Marketing Enterprises can help your business with their video marketing service, visit They will give you a free consultation to help devise the best marketing strategy for your business or organization. 

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