New The Order 1886 Trailer Is Genius Marketing

Look, I’m actually no fan of The Order 1886, right? I mean, I have made that clear multiple times before, I just don’t like the game’s focus (which, in my opinion, seems to be on all the wrong things), I don’t like whatever I have seen of the gameplay, and in general, it appears to be another one of those highly guided ‘cinematic’ experiences that take all agency away from the player.

But even I have to give props to this brand new live action trailer for the game. Essentially, it plays out like a documentary of a team digging up the remains of a buried Lycan from the Victorian Era.

It’s very well made too, and honestly, pretty easy to confuse for something real by someone who might not know better.

The Order 1886 is the new PlayStation 4 exclusive third person shooter in development at Ready at Dawn games. Stay tuned to GamingBolt for more coverage.

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