MTA Week Watch: Tie-ups fuel marketers’ prime goal – enhanced UX

Martech + adtech: Upping the game of personalized end-user experiences was the pulse of the marketing technology space this past week besides alliances between key players

Martech and adtech is transforming how marketers are finding innovative ways to lengthen digital conversations. In the week past, video advertising and Google’s new partnership with Marketo were in the limelight. The next step will involve engaging users with preferred video ads too.

From the MTA platter

Marketo and Google Cloud Partner to Power Enterprise Engagement Solutions

Marketo and Google Cloud’s new collaboration will integrate Marketo’s engagement platform to Google’s (Enterprise Cloud Products) G Suite and analytics. This will also leverage the power of Google’s machine learning capabilities and enable marketers to offer buyers better real-time engagement experiences across multiple channels.

ViralGains and Sizmek Collaborate to Give Users Relevant Video Ads in Feeds

The use of video media to enhance the user experience is now taking centerstage. Dipping into the gap in preference-based video advertising, ViralGains, a video advertising platform, and Peer39 by Sizmek, a people-based creative optimization and data activation platform have collaborated to offer users a more preference-based video advertising system. This combination will deliver a more enriching and customized advertising feed to audiences.

Speaking martech stack with Annina Koskiola, CEO at

Annina talks about Proximi’s pull toward location-based marketing and the key challenges her team is trying to solve with the use of marketing technology, with their key focus area for martech in Proximi being, “We are going to invest in even more analytics layers for our website and portal. It’s very important to understand where your website visitors get lost, how they use your services, where do they need more help in. We want to be able to react to those moments even stronger. For online services this is easy, as the offering is so great. With our platform, we also want to bring this layer to the offline brick-and-mortar stores.”

Fund fare this week

WorkSpan Secures $9 Million in Series A; Announces General Availability

WorkSpan, the marketing network for marketing teams announced a $9 million series A funding round led by Mayfield. Companies using WorkSpan have enjoyed the benefit of high engagement rates. The company will now be making a global debut post this funding.

Industry spotlight

Are you using your content marketing tech tools to their full potential?

Did you know that just 18 percent marketers feel they have the right technology for their content marketing needs, while 45 percent say they’re not using their tools to their full potential? The Content Marketing Institute’s Strategy Survey explores the content conundrum marketers face in terms of strategy, processes and scalability and how much martech is helping to smoothen this.    


What if AI-powered ads captured user expressions next?

With gaming technology going a step beyond and giving gamers superior virtual experiences by recreating their facial expressions in real time, how soon before customer experiences are made more engaging by offering a similar experience! With brands focusing on delivering a more personalized and preference based ad experience to users and increased use of AI in digital advertising, could this be next? Tell us what you think!

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Learn and network with the best and the brightest in the content marketing industry at the upcoming Content Marketing World Conference and Expo between September 5 and 8 in Cleveland, Ohio. Keynote speakers include the Chief Marketing Officer at GE, speakers from leading brands like The Coca-Cola Company, a Pulitzer prizewinner and best-selling author among many more.

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