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Mar 5, 2015


The world of video marketing is more alive than ever. Motus Media, a startup who recently came out of incubation, recently announced they are accepting new clients after completing several very successful high profile engagement video marketing campaigns. The company is happy to offer creation, seeding and activation for cross platform branded video that’s the absolute cutting edge of video marketing. Customers couldn’t be more excited.

“Our startup is out of the incubation period and going strong,” commented Arkady Fridman the founder of Motus Media. “We recently completed our campaign for the international game publisher Bandai Namco, that really exceeded their expectations and this high level of product and service is what each and every one of our clients can expect. More and more budgets are getting shifted from traditional Television awareness campaigns to this type of trackable engagement seeding and call to action strategy. The present and future of video marketing is Motus Media where we can drive users across the full marketing funnel, from awareness to purchase and we would love to work with your brand!”

According to the company, they offer video content creation to meet any budget from small to very large; they are able to incorporate paid video strategies into campaigns and can guarantee a 10-20% earned media bonus with every paid campaign; and are masters at both targeting audiences and leveraging social media platforms to help produce the best results possible. If it’s a win/win in video marketing, Motus Media does their best to deliver.

And the results the company is producing are impressive.

Arkady remarked, “Our two week campaign for the Bandai Namco game ‘Outcast Odyssey’ resulted in 360,000 views (162,000 total earned media engagements). 45% of these views generated engagement through visits to the app store, shares on social media, and click throughs.”

About Motus Media:

Based in New York City, Mōtus Media is a culmination of over 20 years’ experience working in branded content and entertainment with some of the largest entertainment, gaming, b to b and video companies in the field. Established by a New Yorker and a media executive, Arkady Fridman has guided several innovative startups and top Adtech companies on how to build out their sales and go-to-market strategy.

Fridman has built extensive national campaigns across mobile, desktop and out-of-home initiatives for brands like Bose, Samsung, Disney, American Express, Sony, GoDaddy, Microsoft, IBM, Sotheby’s, Bandai Namco and many others through client direct and agency relationships.

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