Monotype is introducing an HTML5-based Web font platform

Monotype, one of the world’s biggest typeface companies and owner of Helvetica, is looking to change the way we view fonts on the Web. The company is today announcing a Web font platform that runs on HTML5 to give designers access to its catalog of nearly 100,000 fonts.

With the slow but steady death of Adobe Flash, web designers have looked to doing as much as possible within HTML5. One limitation so far, however, has been the access to quality fonts. There are some solutions out there, like Google Web Fonts, but they are generally limited to a small selection of not-very-exciting designs.

Monotype is looking to create an all-in-one platform that takes advantage of its expertise and selection. Whereas previously brands would have to search, apply, license and publish Web fonts separately, Monotype’s platform aims to walk you through the complete process in one solution.

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Brands can license new fonts, import previously licensed ones, or use third-party font kits from approved sources, and Monotype includes 14 font families by default out of its huge catalog. To save load times on ads, a subsetting API makes sure that font files only contain the characters needed for a particular campaign.

It’s a neat idea that could help brands develop a stronger visual presence on the web. Developers can try out a demo or request access over at the link below.

Monotype Web Font Platform

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