Mobile drives 46% of online video

SANTA CLARA, CA: Mobile phones and tablets combined now account for 46% of all online viewing around the world – a growth rate of 170% since 2013, a new report has revealed.

Much of this growth is being driven by consumers in Asia-Pacific, where five out of 15 APAC countries outperformed the global average, according to analysis of Ooyala’s video advertising platform in Q4 2015.

Tablets are used significantly more to view video in the APAC region than in the rest of the world, in a sign that consumers there watch more premium content on the larger screens offered by the devices. Tablets account for one-in-five (22%) video views in APAC, compared to just one-in-seven globally.

Singapore leads the APAC region in mobile viewing, spending 55% of its online viewing time on smartphones and tablets. Australia (53%) comes second, followed by Japan (50%), Indonesia (49%) and South Korea (47%), the report added.

Ooyala also broke down video plays by length of content and found videos that exceed 10 minutes are more likely to be viewed on a tablet or connected TV.

The total share of long-form viewing on connected TVs rose to 74% in 2015, representing 72% annual growth, but mobile phones remain the device of choice for watching short video content of under 10 minutes.

For the second consecutive quarter, 69% of all videos watched on smartphones were under 10 minutes long.

Meanwhile, tablet use for content of 10 to 30 minutes in length grew for the third quarter in a row to 21%, the most of any device for content of that length.

Ooyala’s Global Video Index report is based on video metrics from more than 500 of its customers whose collective audience represents hundreds of millions of video viewers around the world.

It also covered the number of prearranged trades sold programmatically during the quarter, which more than doubled to 26m, representing 160% growth quarter-over-quarter.

« These consistent increases indicate that publishers are making more inventory available at fixed prices via programmatic advertising and are demonstrating increased confidence overall as this way of trading becomes a norm across the industry, » the report concluded.

Data sourced from Ooyala; additional content by Warc staff

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