Millennial and Hispanic Voters Persuadable by Online Video Ads

How should political campaigns best use online video advertising this election year? They could start by reaching out to millennial and Hispanic voters. In 2015, a bipartisan study created by David Binder Research and Bob Moore Information found that the majority of Hispanic voters were persuadable. Using that as a starting point, video ad software company Tremor Video worked with research company Cygnal to look at millennial and Hispanic voters. Online video ads could be highly influential for both groups this year, it found.

TremorMillennialSmallThe study found that millennials and Hispanics were twice as likely as the general population to be persuaded to register to vote by online video ads. Additionally, Hispanics were 25 percent more likely to be influenced on a candidate thanks to online video ads.

When campaigns target Hispanic voters, they should take a multiplatform approach, Tremor recommends. Its research shows that Hispanics are 22 percent more likely than the general population to use tablets and 90 percent more likely to use connected TVs.

Both millennials and Hispanics are over 40 percent more likely that the general population to click on a video ad, which is good news for marketers who demand engagement. The study found that 4 in 10 millennials and 5 in 10 Hispanics want the ability to watch additional related content when viewing a candidate’s video ads.

“The findings were clear: Both millennials and Hispanics are much more receptive to digital video advertising than the general population,” says Ariane Gut, head of insights and analytics at Tremor Video. “But they’re also less avid followers of political news. For this reason, it’s essential for political advertisers to fully understand how these desirable audiences consume political video and what their triggers are in order to truly influence them.”

The survey questioned 1,500 registered voters age 18 and over. For more, look to the two infographics below, which highlight findings for each group.



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