Milestones of Video Marketing: Campaigns That Made an Impact

From the first TV commercial in 1941 to today, video has been a powerful medium for advertisers. In the internet age, however, the next big video success could come from any company with a great idea and a little skill.

Need inspiration? Check out this infographic on the milestones of video marketing. Created by web presence management company Conductor, it’s a fun look at the campaigns that stood out. Do you remember the “Will it blend?” videos? Were you moved by Dove ads that sparked a global conversation on beauty? If so, you’ll enjoy this look back.

But more than a fun remembrance, this infographic is intended to jumpstart creativity and help businesses shape their own future with online video.

As Conductor writes in its blog, “If a picture is worth a thousand words, what about video marketing? According to Forrester research, watching a one-minute video has the impact of reading 1.8 million words. That’s about 3600 web pages!”

If your business isn’t yet invested in video marketing, make 2015 the year it starts. Conductor recommends mastering YouTube, creating videos for every step of your marketing funnel, and focusing on search engine optimization (SEO). That’s a great checklist for the coming year.


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