Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Issues Marketing RFP

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Issues Marketing RFP

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority has released an RFP for selling and media shopping consulting services.


  • Strategic planning
  • Media planning, shopping and trafficking
  • Campaign post media buys analyses
  • Creative services, including a growth of graphics and messages
  • Market research



The consultant is compulsory to rise and exercise mixed selling campaigns designed to grasp specific objectives tangible by a Authority. Campaigns will include, formulating recognition of products and services and conversion patron welfare for selecting Dulles and/or Reagan, ensuing in increasing revenue.

  • Key components of debate growth embody utilizing accessible information to conclude a aim audience, bargain factors that influence  welfare making, crafting a messaging (graphics,  radio scripts, etc.) and identifying a many cost effective channels to strech a aim public and grasp a preferred outcome.
  • A documented vital proceed for any debate that achieves a Authority’s tangible selling objective, that demonstrates an bargain and recommendation of a aim public that is  many suitable for a preferred outcome, as good as a factors that change a feat of a Authority’s preferred outcome within a aim audience. The vital proceed will also conclude a pivotal messages that are endorsed for any aim audience, in sequence to grasp a preferred objective. The Authority will make accessible to a successful consultant a information and investigate it has performed over a years per newcomer demographics, patron segments, product usage, rival insights and attention trends.
  • Research might be compulsory in sequence to rise finish strategies for any selling campaign. The consultant contingency be means to obtain a possess applicable investigate data, such as Scarborough, and other sources, as it pertains to specific debate objectives.



The consultant shall be compulsory to plan, buy and trade several forms of media, with a allege capitulation of a Authority, including, though not singular to, imitation advertisements, radio or radio ads, digital, paid amicable media,  etc. that support a vital media devise objectives.

Media Planning

The consultant shall:

  • Provide an annual media plan, including a report and motive for any endorsed medium, formed on an authorized budget, to embody aim audiences, costs, magnitude and reach. The media devise will fact moody plans, dates, times and messages.
  • Present any campaign’s breeze media skeleton and schedules for a Authority’s examination and comment. Once a revisions have been incorporated, a consultant will contention a final media devise and schedule, including a revolution of creative, minute media budgets, deadline dates, positioning, relations discounts and reward spots, restraint charts, element instructions and ad prolongation specifications.
  • Detail specific medium, such as radio, imitation advertisements, amicable media, website, etc. that should be employed by aim public and seasonality that will furnish a top lapse on investment.

Media Buying

  • Prepare and contention for Authority capitulation a monthly and yearly media report for any campaign, including scheduling and revolution of creative, minute media budgets, deadline dates, positioning, relations discounts and reward spots, element instructions and ad prolongation specifications.
  • Negotiate haven and squeeze a best promotion chain and rates for media buys, as authorized by a Authority in a final Plan Continued.
  • Prepare, coordinate and contention timely smoothness of all artistic materials in a correct formats to any media outlet.
  • Have chain capabilities for promulgation promote peculiarity videos and audio to authorized promote stations, as needed.

Media Trafficking

The consultant will trade reserved media buys to safeguard timely chain of ads, confluence to budget, and yield support from any media buy verifying that any ad ran, per a authorized insertion orders.

Campaign Post Analysis Reports

The consultant will ready and contention a mid-year post media buy investigate summarizing a metrics for any debate and a year-end annual extensive twelve (12) month post media buy investigate that measures  a efficacy of any campaign. Elements should embody debate objectives, conditions analysis; tangible aim audiences; pivotal products and services, pivotal messages, artistic concepts, recommendations for investigate and artistic pre-testing, budget, timing, rationale, deliverables, actions, recommendations and subsequent steps.



Graphic Design and Copywriting

  • Utilize a marketplace investigate information to beam a artistic routine for any selling debate and aim public to change newcomer perceptions and hearing and use of Dulles and Reagan products and services. The pattern concepts should always incorporate investigate commentary by patron segmentation.
  • Develop artistic materials compulsory to support a endorsed messaging and mediums. All artistic designs and messages contingency be aligned with sold media buys, such as imitation or digital advertisements, video storyboards, radio scripts including book essay and duplicate editing.
  • Graphic designers contingency be means to know and belong to a Authority’s code discipline primer accessible on a Authority’s website underneath Supplemental Information for this solicitation.
  • Provide promotion artistic designs and messages for any identified pivotal patron group. The consultant will plead with a Authority that all objectives are accepted and that a due debate meets those objectives
  • Create pattern concepts that accommodate any campaign’s objectives, including copywriting and book writing. The consultant will yield a Authority with storyboards that support pivotal messages for specific aim groups and embody movement on a partial of a traveler.
  • Draft and benefaction duplicate and scripts to a Authority for amicable media messages, radio, digital and imitation advertisements and videos. Revise and finalize as compulsory by a Authority. Obtain Authority capitulation of all duplicate and scripts before to utilizing.
  • Develop artistic materials from judgment by final production, in a compulsory format, to include, radio, digital and imitation advertisements and, presumably radio and other concluded on medium. Development of artistic materials includes duplicate instruction and artistic for digital promotion materials and any other selling materials in support of digital promotion activities.
  • Provide a accumulation of approaches for any judgment when requested by a Authority. The pattern concepts contingency logically couple artistic approaches behind to a Authority-approved vital selling plans.
  • Create new duplicate elements that broach unchanging and suitable messaging to aim audiences. Graphic Production and Installation
  • Produce and implement tiny and large, grand scale graphics seamlessly with a top peculiarity standards. Graphics operation from interior to extraneous installations. Make sound recommendations to a Authority on a best prolongation and designation means compulsory to govern a final, high peculiarity and durable products.


  • Create film, produce, edit, and spur videos and yield high quality, high definition, finished products within a pre-determined timeline and budget. Technical capabilities embody regulating a many stream prolongation and modifying program platforms to furnish a top quality, audio, and/or mechanism generated striking videos that concede for easy and fit modifying of projects.
  • Draft video scripts and ready and benefaction story play for any video. The artistic routine for any video devise will be a corner bid between a Authority and a consultant. Video origination (filmed or computer-generated), production, sound and song modifying will embark on capitulation of all scripts and storyboards.
  • On-site filming that includes a public of correct lighting and audio as compulsory to furnish high quality, high clarification videos that are promote peculiarity and might be distributed to news sources.
  • Videos generally should be concordant with a Authority’s several airfield TV monitors and web postings, including, though not singular to, outward websites and a accumulation of middle and other channels. Broadcast-quality video productions, as specified by any radio station, will be compulsory for comparison projects to be used for radio promotion and a consultant will be obliged for distributing a high clarification videos to promote networks and others in a preferred format.
  • Some video and/or audio projects might be combined with or but an Authority deputy or writer present, depending on a form of project, deadline and accessible manpower. In some instances, a Authority might only yield instruction and a video/audio prolongation organisation might send possibly ‘in-progress’ updates or a ‘finished’ product. The turn of Authority impasse will be during a Authority’s solitary discretion.



In sequence to exam newcomer perceptions of Dulles and Reagan as good as recognition of products and services to satisfy hearing and usage, a consultant might be compulsory to control quantitative and qualitative marketplace investigate in a Washington civil segment to establish new trends in newcomer habits and preferences.

The consultant might be compulsory to:

  • Conduct and investigate quantitative investigate via a agreement tenure to improved know a changing aviation attention and a outcome on consumers. The investigate might include, patron demographics, newcomer perceptions of Dulles, function before and after nearing in a airfield and welfare for selecting an airport. The new information should be incorporated into a consultant’s annual vital media devise to assistance strengthen Dulles and Reagan’s position in a marketplace.
  • The consultant shall be compulsory to control qualitative investigate such as concentration groups, as needed, via a agreement tenure to exam artistic campaigns that are designed to change hearing and use of Dulles and Reagan and a services.

Proposal due by Feb 10, 2017 to:

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Procurement and Contracts Dept
MA-29 1 Aviation Circle, Suite 154
Washington, DC 20001-6000

PR firms in Washington, DC embody Fleishman-Hillard, APCO Worldwide and Burson Marsteller.


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