MediaSmack, Inc. and Attorneys Online™ Inc. Announce Strategic Business Agreement

SACRAMENTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Attorneys Online™ Inc. and MediaSmack, Inc. are pleased to announce the
completion of a Strategic Business Agreement, bringing together the
expertise of the two organizations’ online marketing businesses for
lawyers. The result of this partnership will result in wide-ranging
reporting and data tracking, additional SEO services, enhanced
Pay-Per-Click information and strategies, as well as an extended staff
to service web design, maintenance and social media. Video production
services will continue to be exclusively offered through Attorneys
Online™ Inc.

The co-founders of MediaSmack, Inc., Zach Thompson and Brian Meikle,
commented about the partnership: « We are pleased to be working with
Attorneys Online™ Inc. and excited for the future. The brilliant part
about our co-branded products is that it marries two successful law firm
marketing companies into one productive and effective force, and our
customers are the ones that reap the benefits.” CEO of Attorneys Online™
Inc., Cheney Winslow, added: “After almost 20 years of successfully
serving law firms, this alliance will elevate all of our comprehensive
marketing strategies. Our goal is and has always been to provide
uncompromising personal service and results to our clients.”

MediaSmack, Inc. and Attorneys Online™ Inc. are digital marketing firms
that cater to attorneys and law firms of all sizes. The internet
marketing specialists design and maintain cutting-edge websites, produce
compelling video media, manage Pay-Per-Click and social media
advertising campaigns, and have a strong history of achieving first
positions in Google search engine results.

Attorneys Online™ Inc., headquartered in Austin, Texas, was named Best
Full Service Legal Marketing Consultants in 2016 by TMT Media. Founded
in 1998 by Cheney Winslow, former movie and television producer, her
extensive video and acting background is apparent when viewing client
videos and television commercials, including a current spot starring
Evander Holyfield. Ms. Winslow is also the owner of™,
an online video and social media-driven legal directory, set for
relaunch in October 2017.

MediaSmack Inc. is headquartered in Sacramento, California, with an
objective to deliver new business and superb ROI for law firms.
MediaSmack Inc. persistently monitors each law firm campaign to make
efficient and required improvements to ensure continued success.
MediaSmack Inc. was named one of the top five fastest growing companies
by the Sacramento Business Journal in August 2017.

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