MediaNest Offers Free Video Marketing Tools for Nonprofits

How’s this for starting the year off right? MediaNest creates easy-to-use video marketing tools—letting marketers upload to a variety of sites, view video analytics, and measure social media performance—and now it’s offering these same tools for free to nonprofit organizations.

MediaNestIf you think your qualifies, visit the MediaNest nonprofit page to send in a request. According to the page’s FAQs, recognized charitable, nonprofit, or nongovernmental organizations are eligible, with MediaNest being the final judge if there’s any question. 501c3 organizations are eligible, including tax-exempt religious organizations, and the offer applies to Canadian groups, as well. While educational groups don’t quality for free tools, MediaNest offers them a discounted rate.

The reason MediaNest is doing this is to help nonprofits raise more resources by spreading their messages on video sites and social networking platforms. Qualifying nonprofits will get a free Professional account, letting them manage up to 500 videos and multiple campaigns. Organizations can upload videos of any size to over 30 sites with one click, view detailed analytics for each video, and examine how each video is shared. Not only do MediaNest’s tools help organizations spread their messages, they also help groups improve video performance going forward.

Could your organization could use some video marketing help? It’s quick to apply. Make 2015 the year that your nonprofit really succeeds with online video.

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