Medford Oregon SEO Company Transforms Search Marketing

( — May 4, 2015) Medford, OR — the Medford Seo company in southern Oregon is determined to transform search engine marketing across America, one website at a time, according to a recently published video report. 

A New Concept in Search Marketing

According to chief business analyst Arthur Cronos, the new concept is to position a client company not only on the first page of Google and other search engine results, but to place the company’s listing multiple times. In this way, customers who are now searching for the company’s services have more than one opportunity to click through to their service offerings, and the company’s authority and public-relations status is increased.

« In the past, » says Cronos, « it was enough to aspire to be presented on the first page, where most searchers begin and end their search. But through a lucky circumstance while our advertising agency was conducting experiments, we came across this new way to serve our clients. »

According to the company, they intend to use this new approach to strengthen their claim to being the best SEO company in Medford, OR.

Business Owners are not Marketers

When an entrepreneur is first taken by the idea of running his own business he pictures himself performing the company services. A baker pictures himself baking, a mechanic pictures himself fixing cars, and an attorney pictures documents and courtrooms. The idea of investing a similar amount of time in advertising creation, salesmanship, or becoming a webmaster in today’s digital environment rarely comes to mind. And yet, the marketing aspect of the business is what will bring the income permitting the performance of the company’s services.

« That means that our job, » says Cronos, « is to provide an end-to-end, complete outsourcing solution for business owners, to provide the marketing expertise and the nuts-and-bolts skills to create, install, and maintain an ongoing lead-generation system to attract customers, capture prospect information for follow-up marketing actions, all leading to the generation of sales for our client. Search engine optimization provides the greatest long-term ROI available in the advertising world today. » 

Stumbling Upon a Powerhouse Solution

« It really was a happy accident, » Cronos insists. « Because we believe in publicity and press-releases as a valid part of business promotion, and because we frequently use video, we had prepared these things for a client in another state. Because his city had only modest competition we were surprised when both the press release and the video appeared in the search results. »

This led Cronos and crew to investigate further, and they developed a proprietary process, and additional ways to place their clients on the first page of Google.

« Can it always be done? » asks Cronos, « No, not in every case. The SERPS displayed in Google, Bing, and Yahoo are very fluid, changing with the competition, size of the city, the competitiveness of the business niche. In theory, it could be done anywhere, but in practice you will discover that in highly competitive areas with a large population, although it may be difficult to appear multiple times, it’s also true that in that environment, a single placement on the first page of Google can generate so much new business that the company’s goals for business growth are easily met.

The 1-Minute Demonstration Video

The company has created a quick-viewing demo video to illustrate how this is done. Viewing time is one minute, and accompanying the video is a concise white paper available for download entitled « Five Simple Steps for More Business Leads, Clients, and Revenue. »

To view the demo video and claim a copy of the white paper, visit –

The Medford SEO Organization – Overview

Medford SEO and parent company Voltos Marketing Services provide lead-generation services specializing in just-in-time search marketing to place a client’s offer before a new customer at the moment that customber begins searching for a solution.

Headquartered in Medford Oregon, they provide surrounding services to increase sales conversion from these new customer contacts, including unrefusable-offer creation, professional copywriting to enhance read-through, and visitor-enlistment methods enabling follow-up multi-touch marketing, including email, direct mail, and telephone scripts.

With their multi-state server network, Medford SEO provides fully secure hosting, monitoring, and backup services to create automatic selling systems for growth-minded business owners across America.

About Medford SEO

Medford Oregon SEO Company Transforms Search Marketing Services for Google and Bing.

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