McDonald's: Trade us high fives for free fries?

Want some free chicken nuggets? Better have a spare hug to give out.

Between Feb. 2 and 14, some McDonald’s (MCD) customers will be able to use a different kind of currency to buy food at the chain: « Lovin’. »

The « Pay With Lovin’ Instant Win Game » is featured in the company’s Super Bowl ad and allows winning customers to pay for their fast food with a random act of Lovin’. Lovin’ Acts are designated by the an employee, designated the Lovin’ Lead, and could include calling a loved one, fist bumping, hugging, or blowing a kiss.

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Lovin’ Leads will select winners based on a predetermined schedule. The customer who enters the door on or closest to the designated time will be eligible for the promotion.

Winners will be notified only after they have ordered and are not allowed to add items or modify their meal.

The advertisement cost McDonald’s $4.5 million for 30 seconds of air time. That’s equivalent to $150,000 per second.

The approximate retail value of the « Pay With Lovin' » prize is $5.60, but the actual price will depend on the customer’s order and could be higher or lower.

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This is the latest advertisement in McDonald’s revamped « I’m Lovin’ It » campaign. New television ads for the fast food giant rolled out in early January airing a playful cartoon montage of famous enemies uniting with the help of McDonald’s McNuggets and fries.

« We believe a little more lovin’ can change a lot, even in the world we live in, » CMO Deborah Wall said in a marketing video. « Lately, the balance of lovin’ and hatin’ seems off. Who better to stand up for lovin’ than McDonald’s? »

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