Maryville Marketing Firm Offers Low-Cost Digital Signage Service

Maryville Marketing Firm Offers Low-Cost Digital Signage Service

Jan 3, 2015


Epic Nine Marketing has begun a new subscription-based service for professionally designed and managed video displays.  The Maryville TN boutique marketing firm wanted to help businesses take advantage of idle time that customers or patients spend in waiting in lobbies, standing in line, or window shopping.  Subscriptions start as low as $30 per month and include one hour of graphic design time to help the video display content look great and remarket to a business’s customers.  

Jeremy LaDuke, owner of Epic Nine, says that one of the main advantages of this service to brick and mortar businesses is that, « …this takes the hassle of updating a powerpoint or burning a DVD out of the hands of business owners and managers and let’s us use our 40+ years of marketing experience to produce great content that can help businesses advertise to and educate their customers ».

Epic Nine’s video display service enables retailers to combine text with images and videos, and to program the campaigns for distribution across their entire store network at specific times or based on other criteria.  It can help marketing departments rapidly develop up-to-date campaigns to boost sales or promote particular brands.

Doctors’ and Dentists’ offices can also utilize Epic Nine’s video display service to help educate patients of common treatments, new drugs, or to advertise a service.  Live news, weather, and TV can also be implemented seamlessly alongside the managed content.  

Installation and setup is relatively inexpensive and fast compared to other digital signage providers.  Epic Nine’s services can utilize a business’s existing TV’s and need no additional wiring.  The basic plan utilizes a small device that is the size of 2 business cards and plugs directly into the HDMI port of a TV.  The only thing that is needed is a wifi connection. 

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