Maroon 5 & social marketing

I did a quick search and didn’t see any posts about Maroon 5’s song « Sugar » that they launched by crashing weddings. Some say it was staged (everyone was very attractive and there were diverse cultural groups represented), but staged or not, the video generated 4MM views in one day!

This has many notable elements of great social marketing. 1) Everyone involved that has any airtime in the video is going to tweet, email, Facebook it, etc. …making it viral quick. And, again, that would happen staged or not. 2) Sounds like a great song, so many might forward just for the music; 3) It gets that « live » concert boost; 4) Doesn’t hurt to combine another happy event – the wedding – with many involved people and upbeat music. All that spells 30MM views (in 4 days) while I’m writing this. If its real, it could say « doing something good for others, not just yourself » usually pays out. And, all seemed to enjoy the band.

Check it out. I’ve organized many events from Vegas to small basketball events for a Fortune 10 company; if it truly was real, as Adam said in an article to ET, these details took plenty of time. But, its also good to see that innovations still produce results.

ps. speaking to ‘staged’ in the scenes… while they’re driving, I noticed billboards for VOICE (Adam Levine resides).

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