Marketing video for Burnside 26 sparks debate on Portland living

PORTLAND, Ore. – A marketing video for new lofts on the Eastside of Portland is drawing visceral hate from people online.

The Burnside 26 lofts opened up in 2014. A promotional video shows a couple, who happened to be paid actors, enjoying the amenities of their neighborhood.

Some people who have lived in Portland for years find it disgusting.

“Not everyone in Portland is 22 years old and works at a coffee shop,” said Vance Longwell, who lives in Southeast Portland. “That is not authentic Portland.”

Burnside 26 says the video with actors Luke and Jess is to show off the apartment building to people who have never been to Portland before but want to move to the growing city.

“This is people that purchased an identity in a mall, and are just kind of living their favorite TV character and that’s not real in any way, shape or form,” said Longwell. “You can’t engage with that, you can’t work with that.”

People who live in Burnside 26 say they’re not to blame for the changing demographics of the neighborhood.

“There seems to be a huge divide in Portland between the old, the people who are native…” said Tyler Hurst, who lives in Burnside 26. “And newer people who maybe want a different type of lifestyle.”

Hurst and his wife have lived in Portland for three and a half years; they make a combined $86,000.

“Are we the one percent?” rhetorically asked Hurst. “It doesn’t seem like we’re doing that well to me.”

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