Marketing Strategies Today: Video Marketing: How to be a great interviewer

By Mitch Carson

People are fond of watching television talk shows. People are fond of seeing television hosts interview very important and famous guests. People just enjoy learning about their favorite famous people’s lives. These are just some of the hobbies people like you and me are fond of.

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There are times when most of the viewer’s time is spent in front of a television. There are times when most of the audience’s time are spent watching about their favorite television talk shows. Talk shows entertain people. Talk shows not only benefit the viewers but also benefit both the interviewer and the interviewee themselves.

One question we must ask though. How does a television or YouTube host become a great interviewer? How does she or he go about his or her interviewee’s profile? What are the possible preparations he or she does in order to produce a good yet valuable conversation during the show?

There are about four to five points, which we will discuss to really understand how a television host anchor become a great interviewer. This includes topic preparation, subject profile research, flexible and active listening, spark creativity, and summarizing points and sharing.

Topic Preparation

When an interviewer is about to make an interview, it is important that he or she thinks of a topic. A topic that is interesting. A topic that will spark the interest of both the target audience and the interviewee as well. A well-researched topic is one of the best strategies if one intends to be a great interviewer. states that “we are a fan of great interviewers – where the host is interested in the topic, and is committed to make their guest feel at home and share their passion with their audience. Great interviews in any medium balance free-flowing intimacy with enough structure for the audience to enjoy after the fact.”

Subject Profile Research

In becoming a great interviewer as a television host anchor, it is a must that he or she should do a well and thorough research on his or her subject. A television talk show will not be able to provide value if the research is not thorough. A subject profile research enables the interviewer to know and study his or her subject more in advance.

In order to relate to your subject, an interviewer should at least know something about the passion and desires of his or her subject. As stated in, “Good interviewers always study up on their subject’s background – many even have a staff whose job it is to collect those resources. If you can do so in advance, research the person or people with whom you’ll be speaking. A bit of familiarity will make you feel more confident – and will prime your subject to open up to you.”

Flexible and Active Listening

A great interviewer in a television talk show should be able to recognize cues. Cues that may be verbal cues and non-verbal cues of his or her subject. The ability to understand what the subject meant beyond his words. The ability to understand what the subject meant beyond his actions. These can make difference in a well hosted talk show.

As stated in, “Skilled interviewers become adept at listening not just to the words their subject is saying but also the tone in which the words are said, the pauses and nuances of the answer and what is being left unsaid. This active, flexible listening lets them know when to move onto a new subject and when the moment is ripe to probe a little deeper with a follow-up question.”

Spark Creativity

Upon doing the first three, a great television host anchor will be able to generate more ideas. A great television interviewer will be able to create curiosity among the target audience. A great television host anchor will also be able to spark creativity during his or her conversation with his or her subject.

As stated in, “Creative interviews are interactional communicative exchange rather than a heavily interrogative, question and answer style. They are conversations with a purpose. They are informal and conversational with no clip boards and tick boxes. They are just not simple questions and answers but they are tailored, customized, and thematic. They are not fully scripted, not a numbered sequence of questions. Lastly, they are not a rigid structure and not standardized.”

Summarizing Points and Sharing

A great television host interviewer knows when the interview has ended. A great television host anchor knows when all interview questions have been covered. Not only these, but a great interviewer knows when and how to summarize the interview. He or she must know that wrapping up an interview is as important as initiating it.

As stated in, ” when you are done with your interview, be sure to wrap it up. Thank your guest, thank the audience, and remind people where they can learn more. After you wrap up your show, share it again, so your fans and followers can read the whole conversation.”

Sharing your interview enables other viewers to watch it again if they chose to. It will also enable viewers to watch the interview segments they loved about again.


After looking through some key points, we will also discuss a few tips on becoming a great television host anchor.

As written in for a face-to-face interview, one must be prepared and relaxed with a good sense of humor. Also, he or she must be honest to avoid the appearance of deception. An interviewer should also use body language and facial expressions to help convey message. has also stated a few tips during a broadcast interview. An interviewer should look at his best. “wear clothes that are neat, clean, and comfortable. Avoid distracting patterns, stripes and bright colors. Certainly let your personality show through.” This will help display your personality. It can help you build confidence as you interview.

To be a great interviewer, as written in, he or she must be able to maintain eye contact. Eye contact enables the interviewee know and understand exactly what you mean. This can be a good source of information during the process of the interview.

Thus, these reasons are sufficient to make a talk show more interesting. These are reasons that place high importance on the value a talk show provides to its viewers. A talk show that provides value to its viewers will definitely have high number of audience. A good talk show also should possess a great television host anchor.

A great television host anchor must be himself or herself a great interviewer. As being discussed throughout the paper, there are guidelines and tips a great interviewer should follow. Guidelines and tips that will help a television host anchor become a great interviewer. A television host anchor is a great interviewer when he or she is able to add value to the talk show he or she is hosting.

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