Marketing Nuggets: LinkedIn, Snapchat and mobile video marketing

To quote the famous Highlander, ‘there can be only one’ major news story this week, which was, of course, Microsoft’s LinkedIn acquisition. 

But that wasn’t the only thing to happen over the last seven days. You’ll find plenty more below, plus our  most-read story. 


1. Microsoft acquires LinkedIn for $26.2bn 

It beat Salesforce to the mark to snap up the social media network for quite a substantial amount of cash. Of course, it’s got big plans for how the partnership will work – some of which we take a look at in our marketer-focused article.

* * * 

2. Snapchat community’s first ever event

Why’s this important to marketers, you  might ask? Well, only the savviest of them will know Snapchat’s ramped up its ad product game – and is even launching its own publication.

Snaphappen’s going ahead in September and is the place to be if you want to meet key influencers and learn how to make more of your marketing efforts on the platform. 

* * * 

3. Facebook’s physical business ad products

If you’re running the marketing for a business with a physical premises or shop (it’s not all eCommerce – shocker, right?) then you’ll be pleased to hear about Facebook’s latest ad products, just for you. 

* * * 

4. Buzz Radar launches IBM Watson powered billboard

It’ll make the big reveal at Cannes Lions next week, where the billboard will analyse social media mood and serve ads based on group emotion or sentiment. We think IBM Watson’s wicked – AI advertising is definitely where the future’s at. 

* * * 

5. Twitter’s MoPub partners with Forensiq to beat ad fraud

Quite a self explanatory headline, but it’s important to know the big players are doing something to keep ad supply high. 

* * * 

And now for our most read piece of the week… Why video is key to winning the mobile marketing war is dominating it on reads and social shares. Wondering what the hype’s about? Check it out.

What was your favourite story of the week? 

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