Marketing Land Live #2: Google Drops Right-Side Ads, Closes Compare & More


What a week it’s been for Google and search marketers. The company confirmed that right-side ads are being removed from its desktop search results. That was followed by the news that Google Compare would be shutting down next month. And then there was this week’s formal launch of the AMP protocol to speed up mobile web browsing.

All of that and more will be discussed Friday on Marketing Land Live, our new weekly live video talk show. If you have questions or comments about those stories, or anything else that happened this week in online marketing, here’s how to join the discussion:

  1. Send a tweet with the #HeyML hashtag. We’ll collect those tweets and may use them during the “Inbox” segment each week.
  2. Visit the web page for tomorrow’s show and click the big “Subscribe” button. If you have a Blab account, you’ll get notified when the show begins and can watch online. If you don’t have a Blab account, creating one is as easy as connecting your Twitter account.
  3. Come back to this article tomorrow at noon ET and watch the show via the embed below.

Ginny Marvin and Barry Schwartz will be on the show, and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow, too.

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