Major Sporting Events Are an Online Video Marketing Opportunity

The Olympics are here, and before long the World Cup will begin. Every major sporting event should be seen by online video marketers as an opportunity for some clever reactive marketing.

Reactive marketing means playing off a major event that everyone is talking about and capturing the mood with a clever advertisement. Do it right and you’ll get lots of pass-along value as people share your Vine, Instagram, or YouTube video.

SkierTo help you out, video advertising agency Viral Ad Network (VAN), put together three tips for doing reactive marketing right.

1. Stay on top of social sentiment

To position your video correctly, you need to know just what your target customers are thinking, and you need to be on top of the news. Timing is crucial with reactive marketing: You have to capture an event just as people are thinking about it, which is one reason why short Vine and Instagram videos work well.

2. Plan your videos, but look spontaneous

There aren’t that many possible outcomes to a sporting match: the home team wins or loses. For big events that you know your customers will be watching, have a video in mind or fully completed for each possibility. Then, upload the correct video at the right moment. You’ll look incredibly clever.

3. Grab hold of the unusual

The fun of reactive marketing is creating video responses to events no one could have planned for. When unusual occurrences take place — perhaps a blown call or a hilariously bad interview goes viral — be ready to think quickly and craft a funny response.

To join the buzz sounding an event, get your video online within 12 to 24 hours after it happens. Never create reaction videos to events that are in any way tragic. Keep it fast, fun, and sharable.

Read VAN’s full advice for more, including online tools that help with reactive marketing campaigns.

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