Lucid Air From Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance: Photos, Exec Interview – Video

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Mark Kane

The Lucid Air attracted a lot of attention at the Monterey Car Week, highlighting what the future of the electric luxury car could be alike.

Lucid Air at Monterey Car Week

The production and sales of the Air could begin in late 2019 – provided Lucid Motors manages to secure additional funding one way or another.

Below: Further media on the Air/Monterey Car Week event

Lucid posted its own statement from the event, plus some new photos from the stage, and also a quite interesting video by Everything Tesla, including an interview with Zak Edson, Director of Marketing for Lucid.

Asked about the charging infrastructure, Zak Edson said that Lucid will not repeat the Tesla Supercharging strategy, but stick with the industry standard CCS Combo.

Lucid at Monterey Car Week: A Look Back

Highlights from the Automotive World’s Most Exclusive Week

Monterey Car Week is always an exceptional experience. What started 67 years ago with the first Concours d’Elegance has grown into an unparalleled week-long celebration of the past, present, and future of the automobile. Lucid was there this year, showcasing the future of luxury mobility.

The week began with McCall’s Motorworks Revival. Held at the Monterey Jet Center, the event brought together the best in aviation and automobiles. The Lucid Air, shown for the first time in an exclusive new color, looked right at home alongside the executive jet transporters.

On Thursday, the Air made a stop on Ocean Avenue in Carmel en route to our display stand. The Air garnered plenty of attention, even among all of the amazing cars from the Tour d’Elegance that had stopped for a lunch break on the avenue.

From Friday through Sunday, the Lucid display on Peter Hay Golf Course had a steady stream of visitors. Like our car, the display took its inspiration from our home state of California and blended seamlessly with the beautiful landscape along 17-Mile Drive. We spoke with thousands of guests and invited everyone to spend time in the Lucid Air to experience our vision for luxury mobility.

Monterey Car Week was an experience to remember. The Lucid team had a wonderful time, and we look forward to returning in 2018. You can always be the first to know about Lucid events happening in your area by subscribing to our newsletter and following us on Facebook and Twitter.

Lucid Air at Monterey Car Week

Lucid Air at Monterey Car Week

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4 responses to « Lucid Air From Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance: Photos, Exec Interview – Video »

  1. ffbj says:

    Ford? Buyout? No. If you are going to broadcast you should check your data.

    “The Blue Oval is said to have dismissed the proposition as it continues a 100-day strategic review under new chief executive Jim Hackett.”

    1. floydboy says:

      Too bad, looks like it should be a Lincoln.

  2. CDAVIS says:

    The Everything Tesla video interview on the page is very well done ..+1 for Everything Tesla.


    +1 for Zack ( of Lucid Marketing) for keeping his composure while having to talk into a large prominently “Tesla” branded microphone.

    I find interesting Zack’s explanation of Lucid Motor’s position on Supercharging Network infrastructure which is basically the same position being taken by most of the traditional car makers. My hope is that the consortium of car makers are successful in getting a Supercharger Network build out soon to compete against Tesla’s Supercharging Network.

    1. William says:

      Hope springs eternal for the “soon” part of your “consortium of car makers”, and their “build out” of a potential rival to the Tesla SCN.

      There is a snowballs chance in… , that the Major Petroleum Energy Companies would consider signing off on their Automotive Manufacturing Partners, participating in any expedited or significant industry wide rollout of a Parallel SC Network, rivaling that of Tesla.

      It would be great to be proven wrong in this instance. But, there are many considerations at play here, as this EV transition starts to garner more than a few percent of the ICE market share.

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