London’s Real Estate Agents Are Selling Luxury Properties With Ridiculous ‘American Psycho’-Style Ads

Take it as a pointer that London’s skill marketplace is reaching nonetheless another dizzying peak: A bizarre, “American Psycho”-esque ad has been expelled by a London genuine estate representative in a wish of offered a oppulance property. The aim patron appears to be a standard abounding Londoner: immature group who have their possess private helicopter and butler, and who are chauffeured around city in Rolls Royces.

This so-ostentatious-it’s-laughable oppulance unit selling video bears a distinguished similarity to an ad from a opposition skill company that sent Twitter into overdrive progressing this week. That ad, from skill organisation Redwood Properties, was eventually pulled after a “apocalyptic” video was likened to a scenes from a fear film “American Psycho.”

And a comparison could simply be done with this promo from New Homes London, that is anticipating to sell a new oppulance growth from Berkeley Group during One Blackfriars, in a heart of a city. The flats start during £1.1 million and prices extend to an eyewatering £23 million.

The ad opens with a decorated abounding integrate drifting into a collateral on a helicopter, while a decorous male narrates their journey in a ad’s voiceover.

Keeping to stereotype, she does a shopping, he flashes a cash.

They even sinecure a Jeeves-style servant from Harrod’s.

He skeleton each eventuality “meticulously”. Patrick-Bateman-meticulously.

He observes a potion sculpture he’s going to buy for his lady friend. Let’s wish it’s not sharp.

The ad crescendos into what he had “planned for a evening.”

Sorry! We of march meant a oppulance skill he’s only bought his beau!

Expect Twitter to path adult a latest dystopian bid from London’s oppulance genuine estate agents. Here’s a video in full.

One Blackfriars, St George, Berkeley Group from New Homes London on Vimeo.

And in box we missed it final week, here’s a Redrow ad:

Redrow London Luxury Development Promo from Patrick Bateman on Vimeo.

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