London’s Real Estate Agents Are Selling Luxury Properties With Ridiculous ‘American Psycho’-Style Ads

Take it as a sign that London’s property market is reaching yet another dizzying peak: A bizarre, “American Psycho”-esque ad has been released by a London real estate agent in the hope of selling a luxury property. The target customer appears to be the typical wealthy Londoner: young men who have their own private helicopter and butler, and who are chauffeured around town in Rolls Royces.

This so-ostentatious-it’s-laughable luxury apartment marketing video bears a striking resemblance to an ad from a rival property company that sent Twitter into overdrive earlier this week. That ad, from property firm Redwood Properties, was eventually pulled after the “apocalyptic” video was likened to the scenes from the horror movie “American Psycho.”

And the comparison could easily be made with this promo from New Homes London, which is hoping to sell a new luxury development from Berkeley Group at One Blackfriars, in the heart of the city. The flats start at £1.1 million and prices extend to an eyewatering £23 million.

The ad opens with a flamboyant rich couple flying into the capital on a helicopter, while a well-spoken man narrates their adventure in the ad’s voiceover.

Keeping to stereotype, she does the shopping, he flashes the cash.

They even hire a Jeeves-style butler from Harrod’s.

He plans every event “meticulously”. Patrick-Bateman-meticulously.

He observes a glass sculpture he’s going to buy for his lady friend. Let’s hope it’s not sharp.

The ad crescendos into what he had “planned for the evening.”

Sorry! We of course mean the luxury property he’s just bought his beau!

Expect Twitter to lap up the latest dystopian effort from London’s luxury real estate agents. Here’s the video in full.

One Blackfriars, St George, Berkeley Group from New Homes London on Vimeo.

And in case you missed it last week, here’s the Redrow ad:

Redrow London Luxury Development Promo from Patrick Bateman on Vimeo.

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