Local content, video drive Chilean online advertising market

According to a report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), local content, and especially online video, is going to be key for the industry’s immediate future.

“Digital video is to have an active role, as it’s very dynamic, and influencers have to go hand-in-hand with meaningful content if they want to keep their importance,” said Rodrigo Saavedra, general manager, IAB.

According to figures published by the organisation, online ad investments grew by 24% during 2015. Indeed, the digits fit in the trend experienced during the last five years, in which Chile’s online advertising grew from less than $50 million yearly business to current $160 million.

“Such growth comes from an industry which is more and more solid every year, not only in Chile, but worldwide. No doubts digital ads are going to lead marketing industry,” added Saavedra.

According to the report, Chile’s Internet penetration (with 76 connections for every 100 inhabitants) opens great opportunities for brands and advertisers in the online market.

In fact, the Andean country has one of the best broadband penetration rates in Latin America, making it a great territory for internet-based services, such as over-the-top platforms.

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