Learn all about Westeros with this Interactive Video Map

Get up to speed with the history of Westeros with this interactive video map!

Ever have trouble keeping up with politics in A Song of Ice and Fire?

We don’t blame you.

Even if you’ve read the books, it isn’t always easy to get a handle on all the information that comes with such a wonderfully fleshed-out series.

Why are some Dornishmen “salty” while others are “stoney” or “sandy”? What are the major exports of a tiny region like Iron Islands? When and where did the Andals first settle? Why are there seven kingdoms when there is clearly nine major regions? Why did the historical Kings in the North relinquish their power? How and when did the Night’s Watch form?

Well, through the magic of YouTube, you’re about learn all of this and much more!

With this interactive video map, just click on any region or banner and be sent directly to a specific video explaining the most important facts about that region. Don’t worry about spoilers! As long as you’re caught up on the first three books or seasons of Game of Thrones, you’ll be informed when to turn off the video and return to the map!

After a few dozen clicks, you’ll be an expert on the history of Westeros and the great houses that rule them!

Note: Make sure you have your YouTube annotations turned on.

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